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Egg Recipes

How to Cook Sunny Eggs in the Microwave

Eating breakfast can get both your mind and body on the right track by kicking your metabolism into gear and providing you with th...

9 Egg Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less

Don’t hit that snooze alarm! You can actually make a delicious breakfast in 10 minutes or less. Eating a morning meal is a m...

10 Easy Ways to Cook Eggs

Eggs are versatile, self-contained packages of protein and nutrients that are suitable for any meal. For most people without heart...

How to Cook an Egg Over-Medium

Frying an egg sounds simple enough but it can get quite complex when you are trying to keep the yolk intact while flipping to make...

How to Cook an Egg in Oatmeal

Combining an egg with oatmeal creates a powerhouse breakfast. In addition to the vitamins and minerals in both foods, oatmeal prov...

How to Cook Eggs Without Oil or Butter

A single large egg contains 5 g of fat. In other words, 45 of its 70 calories are from fat. If you are trying to cut the amount of...

How to Cook Eggs on a Griddle

Cooking eggs on a griddle is all in the wrist. Functionally, the only difference in a griddle and a frying pan is the anchored coo...

How to Cook Poached Eggs Using a Metal Poacher

Whether you're going to make eggs Benedict or eggs Florentine, or you simply want an easy way to cook eggs, poaching is a healthy ...

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs With Sardines

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has placed sardines on its Super Green fish list, which includes only seafood with low levels of con...

How to Cook Scrambled Eggs Using a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is designed to cook foods at a low temperature for long periods of time so you can create a meal while doing other t...
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