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Joint Health

How Caffeine Affects the Joints

Joints are located where two bones meet, with a primary responsibility of supporting skeleton flexibility. Some are hinge joints, ...

Pilates for Treating Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Your sacroiliac joints sit on either side of your spine, right at the top of back pockets if you are wearing pants. Although mobil...

Pelvic Alignment with Resistance Bands for a Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Your sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone at the base of your lower back upon which your vertebral column rests and is bordered on e...

Tips for Relieving MTP Joint Pain

According to the Merck Manuals, metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint pain--or pain at the location where the foot joins the toes--is a ...

Causes of Sudden Joint Pain

Some medical conditions can cause joint pain to manifest suddenly. This pain may be caused by autoimmune conditions, infectious di...

The Best & Worst Activities for Hypermobile Joints

Instead of having muscles that are too tight, people with hypermobility syndrome are often too flexible. They are able to extend t...

Anti Inflammatory Drugs for Aspirin Allergic People

Aspirin has been a mainstay in treating pain and inflammation since it was isolated from willow tree bark in the 1800s. Since then...

Causes of Radiating Joint Pain

Numerous conditions can cause radiating joint pain. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, joint pain, including ...

The Anti-Androgen Diet

Androgens are the group of male hormones that include testosterone. Excess production can lead to a number of hormonal disorders l...

How to Treat a Pinched Sciatic Nerve

The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in the body because it connects the spinal cord to the pelvis and legs. Because of ...
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