How to Boost Your Metabolism and Stay Full With One Easy Trick

Protein is one of our bodies' essential macronutrients. Find out how you can use it to say bye to snack attacks and boost your metabolism.

When it comes to losing weight and toning your body, protein is kind of a big deal. It repairs your muscles post-workout, revs up your metabolism and keeps snack attacks at bay. Basically, it's involved in all of your body's functions. With just a few simple adjustments, you can use this powerhouse macronutrient to get results and reach your fitness goals!

Create Lean Muscles

After working out, your body is in a catabolic state. This means that your body is mobilizing energy and breaking down muscle. It's an essential process, but you also want to ensure that your body switches to an anabolic (rebuilding) state as soon as possible in order to promote muscle growth. Protein helps make that happen.


Giving your body amino acids stops the muscle breakdown and turns on muscle repair, which is when lean muscle is made! We always have our Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein 30 minutes after a workout to take advantage of this switch. Shake up your protein fix by having it in a refreshing smoothie, like our post-workout Blueberry Fig Smoothie!

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Decrease Snack Attacks

Protein has a high satiety level. It keeps you feeling fuller longer so that you aren't tempted to grab an unhealthy treat. It does this by decreasing the hunger hormone ghrelin and increasing the satiety-promoting hormone PYY.


Hormones play a huge role in how hungry we feel, even if we don't need more energy. Having protein at every meal helps keep them in check. For a healthy, protein-packed snack, try our Chocolate Almond Bites.

To stay full at night and avoid the midmight munchies, rev your metabolism up with our filling Mint Pesto Kelp Noodles.

Boost Metabolism

Your metabolism determines how many calories you're burning at rest, so a slow metabolism can really throw a wrench into your weight-loss plans. Luckily, you can use protein speed it up.


It takes more energy for your body to break down protein than it does carbs or fat, so you're burning more calories just by eating it! To stay full all night long and avoid the midnight munchies, check out our recipe for high-protein Mint Pesto Kelp Noodles.

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What Do YOU Think?

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