This At-Home Butt and Abs Workout for Women Uses Only a Resistance Band

You can sculpt your glutes and build essential core strength with the help of a resistance band.
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Whether you're hoping to get a derrière like Beyoncé or simply know how important it is to sculpt your — ahem — assets for strength, glute work can be super demanding. Some of the largest muscles in the body, the glutes require some serious effort to get that ultra-desirable peach emoji shape.


Physical therapist and athletic trainer Keaton Ray has the at-home glute and ab workout for women that'll offer up that hurts-so-good burn. This series of body-weight activation exercises targets the primary butt and core muscle groups to increase stability and strength. All you need? A resistance band and an exercise mat. Of course, a little Bey in the background won't hurt the mood, either.

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Core Activation

Do: The exercises in order. Repeat once.

Move 1: Dead Bug

  1. Lie on your back with your legs lifted so the knees are balanced over the hips, shins are parallel to the floor and your arms are extended straight up to the ceiling over your chest.
  2. Draw your left arm back by your left ear as you extend your right leg straight to hover several inches above the floor. Keep your right arm straight over your chest and your left knee bent.
  3. Return the left arm and leg to their original position and extend the right arm and left leg to complete one repetition. Do 14 alternating reps.


Move 2: Plank

  1. Place elbows shoulder-width apart on floor.
  2. Press into a plank.
  3. If you're unable to keep your spine in a neutral position, drop to your knees.
  4. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

Move 3: Side Plank

  1. Lie on one side while propped up on your elbow and your legs stretched out.
  2. Press into your elbow and feet and lift your hips off the floor.
  3. If you're unable to keep your spine in a neutral position, drop to your knees.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds on each side.


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Glute Activation

Do: The exercises in order. Repeat once.

Move 1: Bridge


  1. Start lying on your back with your feet planted on the floor. Your hands should be able to touch your ankles, palms facing the floor.
  2. Engage your glutes and raise them toward the ceiling. You should create a straight line from knee to neck.
  3. Lower back down and repeat 10 times.


Move 2: Single-Leg Bridge

  1. While lying on your back, lift one leg and raise your butt off the floor into a bridge position.
  2. Keep your pelvis level and your core engaged the entire time.
  3. Repeat 10 times on each leg.

Move 3: Side-Lying Leg Lifts


  1. While lying on your side, slowly raise your top leg, keeping your toes pointed forward.
  2. Repeat 10 to 15 times on each side.

Move 4: Band "Monster" Walks

  1. With an exercise band around your ankles, walk to the side without letting your feet touch.
  2. Keep your knees bent and don't let tension come off of the band.
  3. Repeat 10 to 15 times in each direction.


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Balance/Functional Movement

Do: The exercises in order. Repeat once.

Move 1: Single-Leg Deadlift


  1. Start standing with feet together. Shift weight onto one side, and balance on one leg.
  2. Lean forward as though you're touching the floor as you extend and lift your opposite leg behind your body, keeping a minor bend in your standing knee throughout.
  3. Return to starting position and repeat.
  4. Repeat 10 times on each side.

Move 2: Box Squats

  1. With hands out in front of you and a box or chair behind you, bend forward at the hips, like you're going to sit down. Use the box or chair under your butt as a target to hit as you hinge from the hips.
  2. Press through your heels to return to standing.
  3. Repeat 10 times.

Move 3: Single-Leg Elevated Split Squat

  1. Start standing facing away from a bench.
  2. Extend one leg back and place the top of the foot on the bench.
  3. Squat down by bending at the knee and hip of front leg until the thigh is parallel to the floor.
  4. Stand and finish 10 total reps before switching legs.

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