This Bizarre Instagram Trend Might Make You Weak to Your Stomach *Hint*

The latest Instagram obsession comes straight out of the health and wellness world.

At first glance, the latest Instagram obsession might look like an extreme version of the belly roll. But after further inspection, you'll learn that wellness mavens are at it again with an ancient yoga practice called nauli.

See the bizarre trend for yourself below:


According to, it cleanses your internal organs, stimulates your digestion and boosts your mood, all while strengthening your core and toning your abs. Holy nauli! But Loren Fishman, M.D., of Manhattan Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, tells Self that there's not a lot of evidence out there to support these claims. He can confirm, however, that it "massages your intestines, which can cause changes in the pressures around them," he says.

These changes in pressure result in a sense of "lightness," which can give you an "ethereal" feeling, Fishman explains.


Let us guess: You're probably trying nauli out for yourself now, right? But you might want to slow your roll — attempting to do it without proper instruction can result in injury. So look to an advanced yoga instructor if you're still obsessed by the end of this article.

Also avoid nauli if you're recovering from an abdominal injury, blocked up (constipated, for those of you who didn't catch our drift), on your period, pregnant (duh) or if you've just eaten.

Whether you're doing it show off on the 'Gram or because you're a serious yogi, nauli with care!


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