Tone It Up Boss Babes Share the Secrets to Business and Fitness Success

Tone It Up founders Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn started their now multi-million dollar business back in 2009 with just $3,000 and a dream to help busy women stay fit. They take a selfie in Manhattan Beach, California.
Image Credit: Adam Valencia/LIVESTRONG.COM

Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn founded Tone It Up in 2009 with $3,000 of their own money. Today it has become a multi-million dollar business, inspiring millions of women to get fit.


We spoke with Scott and Dawn at Tone It Up headquarters in Manhattan Beach, CA as part of LIVESTRONG's STRONGER Women interview series to get their thoughts on what it takes to be strong, successful and fit.

Tone It Up has reached the coveted milestone of over 1 million followers on Instagram. So, how have they achieved this social media success and what is their number one piece of advice for how to stay on top in the social space?


Additionally, what are the secrets to their success in business as well as how to stay fit as busy boss babes?

Here's what they told us:

If you are creating a community or even anything artistic or creating your own business, Scott said that the Tone It Ups' number one tip is: "Always make sure that your brand voice is you."


According to Scott, you may end up hiring employees for the paperwork, the finance, the management, but if the way that you connect with your community is through social media, you need to do your social yourself. "Someone else may be able to take better photos -- we work with a photographer all the time," Scott said. "But if there is anything that we can tell you to do it's 'caption your own photos and communicate with your community yourself' -- that is not something you can hire out for."


Dawn adds, "It's just being authentic to yourself and your brand, which comes through on your social media."

LIVESTRONG VP & GM Jess Barron shares a laugh with Tone It Up founders Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn on the couch in their headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California.
Image Credit: Adam Valencia/LIVESTRONG.COM

What are Scott and Dawn's thoughts on what it means to be Stronger?

Scott said when she thinks of strength, she thinks of strength in numbers. "We are everything as individuals and as women, and with the support of other women, we are everything and more!" Scott says. "And I think of 'strength' as community, as camaraderie, as empowerment."

It's so important to have positive female relationships in your life, according to Scott. "There are days when we small and we feel weak, and we feel like we can't moved forward," she said. "And you really truly can find the strength within the women in your life, and they are the ones that lift you up."

Dawn told us that she has a tattoo on her wrist of the Japanese symbol for strength. And, apparently, it's the same symbol that Scott's husband has tattooed on the back of his neck, though they say it was something they did not plan nor get done together! "It's always my little reminder to stay strong in everything in life," Dawn said. "And that you have the strength and the power to do anything."

Sounds like a great attitude for a STRONGER Woman, right?

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