Here's What Happens When You're Up for Anything

By Ferozan Mast
March 9, 2018

What happens when you invite two influencers and their moms to a full day of unexpected and surprising fitness, food and meditation experiences?

It was an incredible mother-daughter adventure — thanks to LIVESTRONG and Athleta!

LIVESTRONG and Athleta followed Daisha Graf and her Baltimore, Maryland-based mother, Martha, as well as Lee Tilghman and her mom, Connecticut-based Polly, on a special outing where the itinerary was not revealed.



When the influencers were younger, their moms were the ones encouraging their daughters to be strong and open to trying new things. On this day the roles were reversed, and it was the daughters pushing their moms out of their comfort zones. It wasn't about being perfect — just about being willing to try.

While no one had any idea what kinds of activities would be in store for them, they assured us they were truly up for anything. Decked out in their favorite Athleta gear, they let us take them on a journey that combined everything from yoga with baby goats to cardio boxing (one of our top trends for 2018) to an exhilarating sound bath and the fully plant-based Impossible Burger that looks and tastes like meat.

The result? A beautiful day that left everyone feeling inspired. We were all impressed to see how much fun and laughter everyone experiences when we are able to truly live in the moment.

Watch the video to see all the cool things these moms and daughters did together:

Read on to see the exciting itinerary we planned for them. And make a New Year's resolution to take your mom and/or your besties on a magical day this year.

Bliss Out on the Beach

The day started with a soul-soothing active meditation session with Elise Joan. But this wasn't just any old meditation. This was meditation on the beach, with the sun shining and waves crashing just feet away. Pure bliss.

"She has taken me on a lot of journeys that I wouldn't have taken." —Martha

Boxing to the Beat in a Trendy New Class

After that calming and uplifting start to the day, it was time to get the heart rates up, so the group headed over to Box Union in Santa Monica for one of the coolest (and most fun) workouts in L.A. Not a typical boxing studio, Box Union offers a trendsetting hybrid of boxing on bags, cardio, dance and strength training set to a carefully curated playlist. The result? An incredibly invigorating and fun workout.

The Impossible Burger Amazes and Delights

That boxing class worked up an appetite, so our next stop was lunch at Bareburger in Santa Monica to enjoy the Impossible Burger. This fully plant-based burger looks, tastes and even "bleeds" like real beef. It is insanely delicious and appealing to fans of Meatless Mondays and hardcore vegans alike. Launched in 2016 in a handful of top restaurants in New York and California, the Impossible Burger is now available in nearly 400 restaurants from Hawaii to Maine. (It made our list of hot trends for 2018.) Needless to say, the juicy burger was a big hit with Daisha, Lee and their moms.

Goat Yoga Provides a Post-Lunch Surprise

After lunch, it was time for some yoga. And that is where the biggest surprise — and arguably the highlight of the day — happened. This wasn't just ordinary yoga — this was yoga with baby goats. Everyone fell in love with 3-week-old kid Billy, who put a big smile on our faces. Talk about a cuteness overload. Like the superheroes they are, Lee and Daisha were able to maintain difficult yoga poses like Crow and Malasana with goats balanced on their backs. But how can they ever go back to normal, goatless yoga now?

"When I was young, my mom encouraged me to try new things. She was always cheering me on. It was really cool to see her try that new experience — as a daughter, to have the roles be reversed." —Lee

Late-Afternoon Sound Bath Washes Away Stress

After the happy chaos of goat yoga, a wonderfully grounding sound bath at Unplug Meditation gave our group the chance to reflect on the adventures they'd had together. Lee, Daisha and their moms relaxed on bolsters and closed their eyes, allowing the sound waves from the instructor's crystal singing bowls to wash over them, clearing their minds and flowing energy throughout their bodies. It was the perfect way to calm themselves after goat yoga. Everyone felt rejuvenated after the session — especially Martha, who said it was exactly what she needed after having three goats walking all over her.

Inventive Plant-Based Dinner on Trendy Abbot-Kinney in Venice

After the sound bath, the only thing left to do was round out the day with a delicious dinner at Plant Food and Wine, chef Matthew Kinney's buzzy vegan restaurant in Venice. The women reminisced about their exciting tour of L.A.'s world-class wellness scene over creative plant-based cuisine. They enjoyed such dishes as Heirloom Tomato and Zucchini Lasagna and Kelp Noodle Cacio e Pepe.

Being Up for Anything Invites Adventure

When it comes to being a good sport, these influencers proved that the avocado doesn't fall far from the tree. Mothers and daughters alike inspired us with their ability to be open-minded, bold and up for anything!



Photography credits:

Joshua Klausner / LIVESTRONG.COM

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