The Tone It Up Girls Share Their Fall Workout Tips

Every season is a new opportunity to switch things up.

With every new season comes an opportunity to switch up your fitness routine and set new goals. Especially in autumn — when kids head back to school, the leaves start to fall and the air is crisp and feels full of possibilities — it's the perfect chance to reevaluate how you're progressing and what you might need to change.


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Today, we're sharing some of our favorite ways to transition your workouts for autumn. Check out these tips for refreshing your fall routine.

1. Take It Indoors

As the weather gets chilly outside, it's time to make your indoor workouts even more fun. The Studio Tone It Up fitness app offers a variety of workout classes (boxing, barre, yoga, HIIT and much more!) that you can take every hour on the hour.


You can do these workouts anywhere — your living room, dorm room, hotel room — whatever works best for you. And you can even connect with other girls from around the world before and after class for extra motivation.

Or try one of these Tone It Up x video workouts:


2. Challenge Yourself

This season, take the opportunity to challenge yourself and set some new goals. Switch up your strength-training workout by lifting heavier weights. Our favorite way to challenge ourselves with weights is with drop sets — one of the most efficient ways to form lean muscle.

The concept is simple: Start out with heavy weights, and as you start to fatigue, drop down to a lighter set of weights for the remaining sets. This training technique causes your body to recruit more muscle fibers, which means lean muscle.


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3. Refresh Your Workout Gear

Few things motivate you to get to the gym like a new workout outfit. We love donating old workout clothes and buying a couple of new outfits to keep things exciting. If you'll be working out outside, you'll also want to make sure you have a few warmer layers and longer sleeves, depending on how cold it gets.


Fall is also a great time to grab new workout gear to keep your indoor workouts challenging. We have a variety of workout clothing and gear over at Tone It Up.

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4. Spice Up Your Post-Workout Smoothie

Replenishing your body with a balance of protein and carbs is essential after your workout. Protein helps build muscle by repairing exercise-induced muscle damage, while carbs replenish your energy stores and may even help with muscle recovery and soreness.


Try swapping your usual protein smoothie for something more festive and seasonal. Right now we're obsessed with this Pumpkin Spice Latte Smoothie. Not into pumpkin spice? Try one of these recipes instead: