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The best tea kettles on the market will help you brew the perfect cup every time.
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Drinking tea can help you get your daily caffeine hit with added health benefits to boot. After all, because of the medicinal properties of certain teas, sipping on a good cuppa can have some advantages over coffee, says Sarah Anderson, NP.


Of course, to make your favorite brew, you'll be needing a tea kettle. But before you go out and buy one, it's important to know that they aren't all the same.

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The best tea kettles will make your cup just the way you like it in little time. Below, you'll find a list of our expert-backed favorites.

How We Chose

To help you choose one of the best tea kettles on the market, we chatted with four food and wellness experts for their top picks based on the following criteria:


  • Materials it's made with
  • Convenience
  • Design, special features and settings
  • Affordability
  • Easy to clean

We also included an option (Best With Infuser) that one of our team members loves and uses every single day.

1. Best Glass Tea Kettle: Hamilton Beach Variable Temperature Kettle

This cordless tea kettle is sure to be a pretty addition to your countertop.

A glass tea kettle can be a great addition to your kitchen if you are looking to avoid toxic BPA plastic and aluminum materials. That's why this glass kettle is a great pick, according to Melissa Mitri, RD.


Not only is the kettle made of glass, but it boasts six programmable settings, including a "keep warm" option that can keep your water at the perfect temperature for brewing multiple cups.

"This kettle is affordable, has an easy-to-visualize water level and it has a built-in filter," says Mitri. "It's also made of durable glass and boils water very fast."


Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $77.15

2. Best Electric Tea Kettle: Cuisinart PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

The sleek design of this electric tea kettle will match with any kitchen decor.

"You can't go wrong with this fool-proof electric tea kettle — it has six different programmable temperatures for steeping tea and keeping hot water at the perfect temperature," says Morgyn Clair, RDN. "It also holds 7 cups of water, so you can use it to make several cups of tea if you have company over, or use it to boil water quickly for recipes."



Buy; ‌Price: ‌$89.99

3. Best Whistling Tea Kettle: Le Creuset Enamel-On-Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

This stylish tea kettle will heat your water quickly, and it'll look great on your stovetop.

This tea kettle isn't just colorful — it's durable and made with enamel-coating stainless steel, so it heats your water quickly and evenly, Anderson says. This kettle also has an ergonomic heat-resistant lid and its helpful single-tone whistle tells you exactly when to take it off the stove.


"This kettle comes in a variety of colors and is made of enamel-coated stainless steel, which means it's going to heat your water fast and it's less likely to rust," Anderson says. "It's also compatible with all cooktops, so you can use it safely without any worry."

Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $105.89

4. Best Stainless Steel Kettle: OXO Brew Classic Tea Kettle

A stainless steel stovetop kettle like this one from OXO is less likely to rust over time.

Stainless steel is a great tea kettle material, according to Clair, as it is not susceptible to rusting like other kettles are. That's why this classic OXO kettle is her top stainless steel pick. "It holds just enough water for a few cups," she says. "Plus, the rotating handle makes this kettle easy to pour and the wide mouth makes it easy to clean," she adds.


Buy; ‌Price‌: $49.99

5. Best Budget Tea Kettle: Mr. Coffee Flintshire Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle

At just under $20, this tea kettle combines quality with affordability.

"Clocking in under $20, this stainless steel tea kettle will get the job done just as well as its expensive counterparts," says Kelsey Lorencz, RDN. "The only downfall with this tea kettle is that the whistling mechanism may not last as long as other, more expensive alternatives."



Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $17.28

6. Best Luxury Tea Kettle: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker

If you're a fan of the finer things in life, this tea kettle with a list of impressive added features is for you.

If you're looking for a tea kettle that'll last you a lifetime, Clair suggests investing in this one. It offers several impressive features — a built-in tea basket that steeps loose leaf teas, temperature control, auto shutoff, boil-dry protection and more — that make it worth every single penny.

"This glass electric kettle has different settings and brew times for loose leaf tea," she says. "It automatically steeps loose leaf tea for you, then raises the tea basket to prevent over-steeping. Plus, it has a delayed start setting, so you can have your tea ready first thing in the morning."

Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $299.95

7. Best Tea Kettle With a Gooseneck: Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

The spout on this Bonavita electric tea kettle will heat your water quickly and help you pour with precision.

Thanks to a curved, slender spout, a gooseneck tea kettle is great for those who want a precise pour. Clair strongly recommends this Amazon best-seller, which not only boasts a small spout for controlled pours but also has the advantage of heating up quickly and keeping water warm for up to 60 minutes.

Equally worth noting is that this tea kettle is made with brushed stainless steel and is totally free of potentially harmful BPA plastic materials.


"I love this kettle because it has really precise temperature modifications, which you can preset for convenience," Clair says. "This kettle holds the temp for up to 60 minutes and includes a timer, which is crucial for making sure your tea isn't heated too long."

Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $99.99

8. Best Smart Tea Kettle: Ninja Precision Temperature Electric Kettle

Whatever your favorite tea is, this kettle from Ninja has a special setting to brew it perfectly.

"You won't have to guess the perfect brewing temperature for your cup of tea — this kettle has individual settings for different varieties like green, black, oolong, herbal tea and even coffee," Lorencz says. "It even has a large 7-cup capacity and a removable scale filter for easy cleaning. As a bonus, it can boil your water in just 90 seconds. All-in-all, it's a must for any tea enthusiast."

Buy;‌ Price‌: $89.99

9. Best With Infuser: TOPWIT Electric Kettle With Removable Stainless Steel Infuser

This under-$40 tea kettle is perfect for steeping hot tea.
Image Credit: Amazon

This electric gooseneck kettle has a handy infuser that you can fill up with loose-leaf tea for the perfect mug — and it's a favorite among the team.

"I purchased this kettle mainly because of its clean, minimalist look and budget-friendly price tag," says NiQyira Rajhi, our senior social media manager. "The quality is great for the price, it's super-easy to use and clean, it boils water really quickly and [the steeper] is even removable."


Buy it‌:; ‌Price‌: $34.99

How to Choose a Tea Kettle

To choose the best tea kettle for your needs, Anderson suggests considering a few factors first.

Time to Boil

To start, take into account how long you have to boil water inside your kettle, as both electric and stovetop kettles work differently. "Keep in mind that stovetop kettles take longer to boil (seven to ten minutes), while electric kettles are faster (under five minutes)," she says. So, for example, if you're usually rushing out the door in the morning and need your tea brewed quickly, an electric kettle might be the best option.

Need for Special Features

Next, consider the programmable features of your kettle. Some kettles have built-in features that can boil water quickly and keep water inside at the perfect temperature, which can be attractive to people who drink multiple cups per day, Anderson says. "Some luxury kettles also have different temperature control features for brewing different varieties of teas."

Kettle Material

Finally, Anderson recommends evaluating the materials used to make the tea kettle, as some are made with plastic materials that can be potentially toxic. "Equally important is paying attention to the material of the kettle. Many kettles are made of different materials — copper, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, cast iron, plastic and glass. I generally advise people to avoid all plastic for health reasons."




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