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If you're going gluten-free, choosing the right cookbook can help you craft the best dishes and stick to your meal plan.
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Gluten-free cookbooks can help take the guesswork out of going gluten-free. "For people who have gluten-related disorders like celiac disease or gluten intolerance, avoiding gluten may prevent uncomfortable symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, constipation and gas," says Tayler Silfverduk, RD, a registered dietitian specializing in celiac disease.


But when you're first trying out the eating style, don't get caught up trying to figure it all out yourself. Flip through one of these gluten-free cookbooks, and you'll have everything you need to embark on your journey.

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How We Chose

We asked a registered dietitian to share the best gluten-free cookbooks. In addition to her input, we also selected cookbooks based on the following criteria:

  • Nutritious recipes
  • Appropriate for all cooking levels
  • Accessible ingredients
  • Price

The Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks

1. Best Overall: 'How Can It Be Gluten-Free' Cookbook Collection by America's Test Kitchen

For all your favorite carb-rich recipes, go for this gluten-free cookbook that comes highly recommended by Silfverduk. While it's one of the pricier cookbooks on the list, it features more than 350 recipes for your favorite pasta dishes and comfort foods. You'll also learn to bake a Layered Lemon Cake and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. Every page is filled with colorful photos and nutrition details to accompany the recipes.


2. Best for Budget Cooking: 'Gluten-Free on a Shoestring' by Nicole Hunn

If you're looking to make some delicious gluten-free dishes but don't want to spend a ton on ingredients you'll rarely use, consider this gluten-free cookbook. This book offers an impressive 125 recipes, some of which are author Nicole Hunn's family secrets!

You'll find budget-friendly recipes for just about every pastry you can think of in this cookbook, and it even has sections for meals that will help you craft a nutritiously balanced diet complete with meatless meals and sides.


3. Best for Beginners: 'Gluten-Free Cookbook for Beginners' by Jessica Kirk

If you're new to gluten-free cooking, consider this beginner's guide. It's filled with 100 simple and nutritious recipes, like Wild Rice Soup, Turkey Lettuce Wraps and even Peach Crumble for those who enjoy dessert.

This gluten-free cookbook also includes guidance about how to stock your pantry and find ingredient alternatives so you don't have to miss out on eating your favorite foods.



4. Best for Meal Planning: 'Gluten-Free Meal Prep Cookbook' by Pam Wattenbarger

"This cookbook by Pam Wattenbarger is the perfect guide to meal-prepping and planning," says Silfverduk. That's because this cookbook offers 12 weeks of make-ahead recipes, taking the stress out of cooking.

Not only are the recipes affordable, but each one also tells you how to pack and store your meals based on the serving size.


5. Best for Baking: 'How to Bake Anything Gluten-Free' by Becky Excell

How to Bake Anything will get you excited about crafting cakes and cookies whether you're a seasoned pro or novice baker. Featuring more than 100 recipes from gluten-free food writer Becky Excell, this cookbook will teach you how to bake recipes like cornish pastries and even a banana upside-down cake. Not to mention, it also comes with drool-worthy and inspiring photos, Silfverduk says.


6. Best Grain-Free: 'Against All Grain' by Danielle Walker

Starting a diet free of grains can be tricky at first, but this book "does an excellent job at teaching you how to make simple recipes that are delicious and satisfying," Silfverduk says.

In addition to over 150 paleo-friendly recipes, you'll learn how to exclude refined sugar, dairy and gluten without giving up the dishes you love. For those with celiac, Silfverduk recommends asking your doctor or a dietician before going totally grain-free: "Many gluten-free grains provide essential nutrients for those with celiac disease," she says.


7. Best Dairy-Free: 'The Everything Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cookbook' by Audrey Roberts

"This gluten-free cookbook is the perfect option for those avoiding both gluten and dairy," Silfverduk says. It includes a variety of recipes, ingredients and cooking styles, so you'll always have something new to try.


This book features more than 300 gluten- and dairy-free recipes that'll help you avoid gluten without feeling like you're missing out. Fire up your slow cooker to make Lemon Garlic Chicken or light up your stove to create the Fluffiest Gluten-Free Pancakes.

The drool-worthy photos in this gluten-free cookbook alone make it worth the read! But if you're ready to get your hands dirty in the kitchen, this cookbook has more than 100 expert-backed recipes from registered dietitian-nutritionists Jessica Beacom, RDN, and Stacie Hassing, RDN.

Each of these nutritionally balanced meals make tasty entrees, like Chicken Stuffed Spaghetti Squash and healthy desserts, such as Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies. Even more: You can learn how to make drinks and snacks. All of the recipes have a short ingredient list with foods that are accessible and won't break the bank.

9. Best for Easy Cooking: 'The Easy Gluten-Free Cookbook' by Lindsay Garza

Take the guesswork out of cooking with this easy gluten-free cookbook. It features recipes requiring only one pot or pan, takes no longer than 30 minutes and only requires five main ingredients.

In addition to learning how to cook Roasted Carrots and Low-Carb Pizza Crust, you'll get helpful guidelines for prepping and cooking foods that meet your work and lifestyle needs.

10. Best for the Slow Cooker: 'The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Slow Cookers'

You don't have to give up your slow cooker if you're going gluten-free thanks to this cookbook. The book is filled with 135 gluten-free slow cooker recipes that are simple to follow and cook. Even more, there are two sections to help you learn about how to adopt a gluten-free diet and how to identify gluten-containing ingredients in recipes.


Choose a couple of your favorite recipes to make each week, and set it and forget it in your slow cooker to come home to a warm and toasty meal.

What to Look for in a Gluten-Free Cookbook

When you're shopping for the best gluten-free cookbook, consider these factors first:

Photos and Detailed Instructions

When choosing a gluten-free cookbook, consider one with photos and detailed instructions. "If there aren't photos then it's hard to be motivated or excited to make a dish," Silfverduk says. She adds that not having photos can make it hard to know what the finished product looks like.


You'll also want to look for a cookbook that includes whole foods to ensure you're getting the most health benefits from the recipes. Avoid refined or artificial sugars as well as foods high in sodium. Just as well, flip (or scoll) through some of the recipes and avoid cookbooks with ingredients that might be difficult to find.

Educational Content

Many gluten-free cookbooks will provide introductions to gluten-free ingredients, substitutions and other content about how to work with these ingredients before diving into the recipes. Having this information can be helpful, especially if you're new to this style of cooking.



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