Pimples on Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on someone's skin.
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Stretch marks are not simply caused by skin stretching from growth. They are triggered by hormonal changes in the body, according to The Patient's Guide website. Often, stretch marks become inflamed, says the site, making them ripe for acne breakout, as well. Preventing stretch marks is not always easy, especially during times of hormonal flux, such as pregnancy or puberty. However, acne and stretch marks are treatable with natural as well as medical remedies.


Skin Diet

Diets rich in antioxidants and minerals as well as omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial to overall skin health, according to Foodscout. The mineral zinc is especially helpful for both acne and stretch marks. Zinc "prevents and treats acne, warts, wrinkling, stretch marks, and aging," says the site. Vitamins A, certain Bs, C and E protect and help to heal skin. Collagen and elastin production is primary for preventing stretch marks, according to The Patient's Guide, and vitamin C especially helps with skin pore clearing as well as production of collagen and elastin. Sulfur aids in the healing of scars and wounds and helps to heal acne. It's often found in topical creams but can also be ingested, says Foodscout. Considering that stretch marks are scars, according to an article by Xylene Belita, and pimples are a result of breakout, eat foods with these important vitamins and minerals.


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Natural Remedies

Foodscout recommends never putting "anything on your skin that you wouldn't eat." Aloe vera is a natural healing and anti-inflammatory topical remedy that may help with both acne and stretch marks, according to Belita and the Foodscout website. Also, find Aloe vera in juice form. Olive oil is another natural remedy for both stretch marks and acne, suggests the Acne Treatment News and How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks websites. Even though it might seem as if olive oil is the last thing an oily face needs, it actually helps to remove blackheads and benefits skin in other ways, says Acne Treatment News. Olive oil also is beneficial in diets for skin due to its omega-3 fatty acid properties. Belita suggests using grapefruit seed extract to get rid of stretch marks, and Foodscout recommends eating grapefruit for overall skin health, and the peel is beneficial as a topical rub. Further, grapefruit provides the skin with both vitamins A and C.


Medical Remedies

According to The Patient's Guide, "retinoids, topical steroids, and alpha hydroxy acids help" stretch marks, and may help with acne as well, according to the Acne Treatment website. If you find home or natural remedies don't help with pimples on stretch marks, visit your health care provider or dermatologist. Be sure to explain the combined condition so that you are properly treated for acne as well as stretch marks.



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