4 Exercises to Loosen Up Your Face Muscles and Help You Look Younger

Face yoga can help reduce tension in your facial muscles.
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Facial exercises can be effective way to stretch out the more than 50 muscles that make up the structure of your face. By using exercises to loosen up face muscles, you can achieve a more youthful look by essentially giving yourself an all-natural facelift. These types of simple exercises can be used by just about anyone — from children to older people — to help reduce tension and stretch the muscles of the face.


Try Face Yoga

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Face yoga is a type of facial exercise that helps to promote blood circulation and relaxation within the muscles of the face.

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One of the basic facial yoga techniques is to first warm the palms of the hand by rubbing them together for several seconds and then to place the palms over the eyes. Next, you want to perform circular motions around the eyes with your palms, which will help to increase blood circulation in this region of the face. In addition to relieving muscle tension around the eye sockets, it's also effective at reducing dark circles around the eyes.

A second type of face yoga involves massaging the entire face in an effort to improve blood circulation to nearly every muscle of the face. To use this technique, first inhale/exhale rapidly for a 10 count to get the blood flowing. Next, start at the chin with both hands and gently massage up to the forehead using small circular motions with both sets of fingers.

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Stretch Your Jaw

Loosen the muscles controlling the jaws by using the lower-jaw stretch. Open your mouth about an inch and move your lower jaw to the right as far as you can without experiencing any pain. Hold it there for about two seconds before relaxing.

Do one side at a time and complete a total of 10 repetitions to each side. Make sure your mouth stays open approximately 1 inch during this exercise.


Flash That Smile

Simply smiling helps to loosen most of the facial muscles of your face, including those controlling your cheeks, lips and eyes. Smile as wide as you can, hold for a moment and then relax your face. Do at least 10 repetitions per set.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This technique is designed to promote full-body relaxation, but it can also be modified to relax any one part of the body, such as muscles that are causing facial tension. Before starting, you should find a quiet spot where you can sit back and relax. Close your eyes the entire time and take a few deep breaths before beginning.


Start by tensing the muscles of your face as much as you can using grimacing facial expressions; hold for 10 seconds and then release. Take several deep breathes, and you will feel your facial muscles begin to relax. Alternatively, you can focus on the top facial muscles first and work your way down to the jaw and neck muscles last. Try both ways and see which works better for you.

The key to loosening up your face muscles using this technique is to remain in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and to breathe deeply the entire time.

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