How To Eat 6 to 8 Meals a Day To Lose Weight

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The concept of three square meals a day is not always conducive to successful weight loss. Eating between six and eight smaller meals may actually help you lose weight and keep it off. Your body adapts to the conditions you provide, and if you feed it sporadically, it may store fat and slow your metabolism, assuming food is scarce. Likewise, if it assumes food is plentiful, it can release saved energy that you have stored as fat, according to the Family Education website. Eating small, frequent meals is easy to do.


Step 1

Eat a small meal shortly after waking, to stop the fast your body has been on as you slept. Include protein such as eggs, lean meat or yogurt, and multigrain toast or fruit. Drink water to rehydrate yourself after sleeping.

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Step 2

Eat meal number two sometime in the mid-morning. Refrain from using the word "snack," which can have negative meanings. Meal two should consist of nuts, fruit, yogurt or you could make a smoothie with whey protein powder and frozen fruit.


Step 3

Eat lunch near midday. A sandwich with lean meats, lettuce, tomato and cheese on multigrain bread with some nuts or a piece of fruit will suffice. Remember the meals must remain small. You do not double the amount of food, just the frequency of meals, according to

Step 4

Eat your fourth meal at about 3 o'clock. This is typically the time when blood sugar plummets, and people reach for sugary snacks. Choose nuts, seeds, fruit or raw vegetables to maintain the stable blood sugar you have created throughout the day.


Step 5

Eat a small dinner in the early evening, consistent with the portion sizes you have eaten all day. Lean meats, salad, rice or whole wheat pasta are good choices. Any extra leftovers can be used for tomorrow's lunch.

Step 6

Finish your eating day around 7 or 8 o'clock to help keep blood sugar levels stable overnight. Choose an evening snack with a good amount of fiber so it will break down slowly as you sleep.


Include a balanced mix of protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber throughout the day. Stick to your eating schedule, even if you do not feel hungry each time.




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