How to Reset an Omron Walking Style Pedometer

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Your Omron pedometer is a fitness accessory used to provide a great amount of information about your activity. The pedometer displays a history of the number of steps you take, the amount of time you walk, the distance you travel and an approximation of the number of calories you burn. Omron pedometers can either store information about each session in their internal memory or delete each session after a regular reset or a system reset. This is useful if you intend to sell or give your pedometer to someone else.


Step 1

Press and hold the reset button on the left side of the unit under the display. Depressions longer than 1.5 seconds will delete all information about the current session, including steps taken, time walked, distance traveled and calories burned. The pedometer will retain information about previous sessions.

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Step 2

Push a thin, pointed object such as the end of an unbent paperclip into the "System Reset" recession on the back of the pedometer near the battery compartment. The clip will reach a button that tells the pedometer to perform a complete system reset of all stored data. Continue to press against the button down until the display flashes once.

Step 3

Reenter your settings such as your weight, your stride distance, the date and time if you wish to continue to use the pedometer.


Always perform a system reset before giving or selling your pedometer to others. Not only will this delete any personal information you may have stored on the pedometer--such as your weight--it will also delete all of the stored data so that the new owner may begin recording her information.


Do not use the end of a pencil to perform a system reset. Pencil lead is brittle and may break off in the button's hole, damaging the unit.

Once the pedometer has been reset, data is unrecoverable. Do not perform a daily reset or a system reset unless you are sure you no longer want the pedometer to store the data.

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