What Are the Seven Acupressure Points to Suppress Appetite?

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Acupressure is an alternative treatment derived from acupuncture, an ancient Chinese technique for healing that involves inserting needles into points on the body. During acupressure, needles are not used, as pressure is applied to points by using the hands, elbows or other instruments. No conclusive studies prove the effectiveness of using acupressure for appetite control or weight loss.


If you are pregnant, or think you might be, do not use acupressure, as certain points around your ankle may induce labor. Always check with your health-care provider before practicing alternative treatments.

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Appetite Control Point

Place your second and third fingers on the side of your jaw, in front of your ears, and open and close your mouth. Feel your jawbone moving beneath your fingers. With your fingers, find the spot where you feel the most movement -- generally found next to the small piece of flesh that protrudes from the inside of your ear, above your earlobe. This is the appetite control point. Hold this part of the ear between your thumb and index finger and manipulate for three minutes.



Another appetite control point is situated just beneath your earlobe, where the skin of the ear is connected to the jaw. Massaging this point for several minutes before eating can reduce appetite and hunger.


Sit with one knee crossed over the other. Place four fingers of your right hand on your upper leg, just beneath your kneecap. With the index finger of your other hand, locate the stomach pressure point on your shin, just below the small fingernail of your right hand. This point represents your stomach, and by pressing it you can decrease your appetite.


Upper Lip

A major control point for appetite suppression is located between the upper lip and the nose. Place your thumb under your upper lip, and your index finger on the outside. Manipulate with some pressure for a few minutes to decrease your appetite.


Locate the fattest part of your calf. Massaging this point and applying pressure by pressing the point with your middle finger can decrease appetite. This point is one of the points that can be massaged discreetly if you are in company.



Inner Knee

Located at the center of the crease behind your knee is another appetite control point that can be manipulated discreetly for those times when massaging your ears or face is not appropriate.


In his book "Zone Therapy," Joseph Corvo recommends massaging the fleshy part of your palm for appetite suppression and weight control. Massage the area just below your thumb for thyroid health; this will stimulate the thyroid and increase your metabolism. Massage this area for around three minutes, before moving your fingers slightly farther up the fleshy pad, toward the wrist, and continue massaging to stimulate the pancreas. This will help regulate insulin production and keep your blood-sugar levels steady. Spikes in blood sugar can cause hunger pangs and an increase in appetite for sweet, sugar-laden foods.




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