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split image of nutritious meal and man doing a strength-training HIIT workout
Livestrong.com's Live Strong Live Well in 2020 Trends package
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Colorful illustration conceptualizing the latest weight-loss research findings
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Adult woman exercising at the gym with a personal trainer
A woman's feet standing on a red scale in a white marble bathroom
A woman reaching for a roll of toilet paper stored in a bathroom drawer
Colorful Post-It notes featuring positive weight-loss tips
We can lay in bed and snuggle all day
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Woman reading nutrition or weight-loss articles on smartphone with laptop
An illustration of weight-loss program elements, including healthy food, group support, exercise and expert counselors
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A packaged dinner of pasta primavera similar to a Jenny Craig meal option
A mature woman pre-slicing vegetables in the kitchen to promote healthier eating
Man drinking from a water bottle that may contain microplastics
Friends enjoying lunch
Woman eating breakfast and reading food journal
Islamic women friends dining together with happiness
Woman eating healthy dinner from lunch box at her working table
African-American couple exercising together
Food has a way of making the conversation better
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Amber Rose
82nd Annual Academy Awards - Governors Ball
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2nd Annual A-List Awards - Arrivals
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Danika Brysha eating a snack outside
Danika Brysha sitting on porch with cup of coffee and dog
Banana smoothie with oatmeal, peanut butter and milk
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Young girl eating oatmeal with berries.
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A couple works out together.
Happy woman smiling on weighing scales
jillian michaels

How Bryce W. Lost 150 Pounds

Cutting fresh vegetables
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Mary Kay's before photo.

How Mary Kay Z. Lost 35 Pounds

Richard's "before" image.
Dianna's "before" photo
Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Bent-Over Row
Another mind-numbing day at work....
Fit young couple high fiving together after a workout
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Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Triceps Dip on a Plyo Box
Woman writing in a journal about her health and fitness goals
High Angle View Of Sports Equipment On Table
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Spa composition with blue vanilla bath bombs, heather flowers
Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Medicine Ball Sit-Up
Fast food burger with fries
Young African female entrepreneur dreaming up new business ideas
Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Squat
Katie showing off her water bottle while staying hyrdrated
Hand taking French fries from bowl
Bed with sleep mask and throw pillows
Scales and slippers in senior person's bathroom
Woman standing on bathroom scale, weighing herself and tracking weight-loss progress
Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Side Bend Stretch
Traditional Mexican taco plate in the Mexican Caribbean
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Katie on Livestrong.com Community/Facebook on computer
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Jordan Shalhoub Doing a Push-Up
French Bulldog dog with affectionate attitude with his owner