The Best Three Wheel Bikes for Adults

The best three-wheel bike for you depends on your physical condition and comfort level.
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Bicycling is an excellent form of exercise and a fun, outdoor activity that you can do with friends and family. Some adults find a three-wheel bike to be more stable and easier to ride.



The best three-wheel bike for you depends on your physical condition and comfort level. Tricycles may be upright similar to a regular road or mountain bike and also come in recumbent models.

Choosing a Three-Wheel Bike

There are many reasons to switch to a three-wheel bike, or tricycle, as an adult. For example, some adults find as they age that their joints and muscles become stiff and it is more difficult to balance on a bicycle. Whatever your reason, shop around to find the best tricycle for your needs.

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Many tricycles are upright and your body position is similar to riding a regular bike but with the added stability of three wheels. You can also try a recumbent tricycle. These bikes are lower to the ground and have you seated and leaning back as your ride. This type of tricycle is especially beneficial if you have certain back problems, such as spinal stenosis, that makes riding an upright bike painful.


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As you are shopping consider where you will be riding. Some places have smoother and wider roads while others have narrower bike paths that may not be maintained as well. The tricycle takes up more room than a bike due to the three wheels, so take this into consideration when selecting your three-wheel bike. Many models may allow you to carry cargo which can be useful if you plan to use your tricycle for transportation to work.


Enjoying Your New Tricycle

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends that all adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise each week. Cycling is a fun, low-impact option that helps you meet this goal. You will burn calories, increase your endurance and build strength notes the University of Montana. And by riding a three-wheel bike you can enjoy greater stability and comfort over a regular bicycle.



Riding a tricycle makes falls less likely as it offers more stability than a bicycle. However, your balance may be different in turns, so start slowly and build up your speed as you get more comfortable with your new tricycle.

Be sure to wear proper clothes when riding including a helmet, well-padded shoes and comfortable pants. Be sure to stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after your ride. Consider doing some stretches before and after your ride to warm-up and cool down your body.

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Try some stretches recommended by Pacific University:


  • Neck side stretch: Gently stretch your head to each side to stretch the neck.
  • Quadriceps stretch: While standing, bend one knee and grab your foot to stretch the quads. Use the other hand for balance if needed.
  • Ankle circles: Rotate your ankles to warm-up and stretch the joint.
  • Triceps stretch: From a seated position bend one elbow and lift it overhead with your hand behind your neck. Use your other arm to pull the elbow and deepen the stretch.



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