How to Use Ensure As a Meal Replacement

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According to Ensure's official website, the ready-to-drink shake contains 24 vitamins and minerals, making it a rich, well-balanced source of calories, proteins and carbohydrates. However, Ensure was not originally created as a weight loss aid, but to help people gain weight. At 350 calories per bottle, it's too high to use as a snack or add-on to your regular diet. If you tend to eat large meals, however, 350 calories might be an improvement.


Step 1

Drink a bottle of Ensure for breakfast or lunch. Do this only if you don't have blood sugar problems. According to Wellness Tips, the second ingredient in Ensure, after water, is sugar. The next two are corn syrup and maltodextrin, also forms of sugar. Don't drink more than two bottles a day, as the content of sugar and oils is too high to be healthy.

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Step 2

Complement the Ensure if you're still hungry. If drinking a bottle of Ensure alone leaves you feeling unsatisfied, add a piece of fruit to round up the meal. Don't use the Ensure as an addition to a full meal, but instead add a low-calorie snack to the drink to make it more satisfying.


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Eat a solid dinner. According to Jodie Bernstein, from the Federal Trade Commission, Ensure should only be used as a replacement for an occasional skipped meal and not on a regular basis. For a healthy light dinner, try lean proteins such as grilled chicken or fish, lots of vegetables and whole grains.





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