Would Losing Weight Help Stop Perspiration?

Does weight loss diminish excessive sweating?
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Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits, ranging from improving your health to improving your appearance and self-confidence. If you have excessive sweating, losing weight might help reduce that problem. Not all excessive sweating is weight-related. But even if your sweating has another cause, getting to a healthy weight is a good idea.



Excessive sweating is also known as hyperhidrosis. Sweat, or perspiration, is your body's reaction to being overheated. When your internal temperature reaches a level that is dangerous, your body sweats to regulate or lower your temperature, releasing fluid consisting of water and salt through your sweat glands. The evaporation of the sweat from your skin cools your body. Women have more sweat glands than men, but male glands are more active.


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A hot and humid environment and exercise are the most obvious causes of sweating. Additional factors that contribute to excessive sweating include alcohol, caffeine, medications and spicy foods. Conditions such as fever, menopause, overactive thyroid, low blood sugar and cancer can lead to excessive sweating. Emotional triggers such as stress, anxiety, anger, fear and embarrassment can contribute to this condition.



The amount of body weight and body fat might be a contributing factor for excessive sweating. Moving requires more effort with increased body weight, which strains circulation and generates internal heat. Higher amounts of body fat can insulate your body, trapping heat and raising your internal temperature. This causes your body to generate sweat to regulate your temperature.



Reducing body weight and body fat percentages would diminish the insulation affect on your body. Diets that include spicy food also might have lots of calories and fat, contributing to both extra pounds and excessive sweating. Lower body weight eases the strain on your body's systems, including your circulatory system. This might decrease sweating. Being overweight often leads to low self-esteem and lack of confidence in social situations, which can lead to higher stress levels and more sweating. Losing weight can help correct the emotional affects and higher sweat levels.



Don't assume your excessive sweating is attributable solely to excess weight. Sweating can be a sign of medical problem, so talk to you doctor. Also talk to your doctor before starting a weight-loss diet and exercise program.




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