How Many Calories Are in Philadelphia Cream Cheese?

woman spreading cream cheese on a bagel
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Philadelphia Cream Cheese, a division of Kraft Foods, markets a line of cream cheese products for use in recipes or simply for topping a bagel or English muffin. Philadelphia's Cream Cheese varieties include original, neufchatel and no-fat cream cheese.

Serving Size

The serving size for Philadelphia Cream Cheese is 1 ounce. Each 8-ounce cream cheese brick contains eight servings. This stated serving size should be used as a point of reference when assessing how cream cheese affects your daily diet. If you eat more than 1 ounce in each serving you will need to factor that into your daily intake.


Original Cream Cheese

A 1-oz. serving of the Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese contains 100 calories. Of those calories, 80 come from fat, according to the nutrition label. If you eat 2,000 calories a day, a serving of the original cream cheese amounts to 5 percent of your total daily caloric intake.

Neufchatel Cheese

Philadelphia's Neufchatel cream cheese has one-third less fat than the original. Each serving of the Neufchatel cheese contains 70 calories, of which 60 calories are fat, according to the nutrition facts label. A serving of the cream cheese equals 3.5 percent of your total daily caloric intake if you eat 2,000 calories a day.


Fat-Free Cream Cheese

The Philadelphia Cream Cheese line also includes fat-free cream cheese. One serving of this contains 30 calories, and no fat. A 1-ounce serving equals 1.5 percent of your daily caloric intake if you eat a 2,000-calorie diet.