Calories in a Can of Heinz Tomato Soup

Heinz cream of tomato soup supplies few calories.

Many dieters enjoy the warmth and sensation of comfort foods, such as a bowl of hot soup on a cold day. While soup can play an important role in weight loss, it may also provide various nutrients, depending on the ingredients. Heinz cream of tomato soup is one variety of soup sold in the United Kingdom. This cream of tomato soup comes in sizes of 300 g, 400 g and 800 g tins.


Calorie Considerations

Video of the Day recommends counting calories to help manage your weight. While proponents of fad diets may make various claims, balancing your calorie intake against your calorie expenditure plays an important role in determining your weight. Your body uses calories in food to provide energy for every action, storing excess calories for later use. By reducing your current caloric intake by about 500 calories each day, you can expect to lose about 1 lb. of weight every week. Replacing high-calorie foods, such as fried pastries and potato chips, with low-calorie foods, such as vegetables and some soups, may help you meet your weight loss goals. Reducing your portion sizes may also help you lose excess weight.

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Calorie Content

According to the Heinz Company, a serving size of cream of tomato soup measures 100 g. Each serving contains 59 calories. The small tins contain three servings each, while the large tins provide eight individual servings. A single serving provides less than 6 percent of the overall calories allowed in a 2000 calorie a day diet plan.


The USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends adults consume about 20 to 35 percent of total calories from fat, 45 to 65 percent from carbohydrates and 10 to 35 percent from protein. Although soup may help supply some nutrients, eating excessive amounts while eliminating other foods may lead to nutritional deficiencies. A balanced diet that includes a variety of low-calorie foods can help keep you healthy while you lose excess weight.


Nutritional Content

The 59 calories in a serving of Heinz cream of tomato soup mainly come from carbohydrates. A 100 g serving contains 6.7 g of carbohydrates, 3.0 g of fat and 0.9 g of protein. In addition to these nutrients, each serving supplies 0.4 g of fiber and 0.2 g of sodium.

Dietary Benefits

Heinz cream of tomato soup may help you avoid overeating. advises starting your lunch or dinner with a broth-based or vegetable-filled soup. Although Heinz soup contains few calories, taking your time while enjoying your soup may help curb your hunger and help you feel satisfied early in your meal, helping you to pass up fattening substances, such as buttered rolls and sweet desserts.