Calories in Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Chocolate covered almonds.
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Chocolate almonds are a decadent calorie and fat-laden delight. Nevertheless, they still have a place in a healthy diet when eaten in moderation. Dark chocolate and almonds confer health benefits that can make this snack worth the calories.

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Dark chocolate-covered almonds provide 149 calories per oz. Watch your portions, as it is very easy to eat more than 1 oz., especially since many packages of chocolate-covered almonds contain more than 1 oz. of these treats.


Basic Nutrition

Most of the calories in dark chocolate-covered almonds come from carbohydrates, but along with 11 g of carbohydrates, you'll get 4 g of protein. A serving of dark chocolate-covered almonds also contains 12 g of fat, almost 4 g of which is saturated.


Almonds, like many other nuts, offer the body heart-protective benefits, according to the Harvard Medical School. They may lower blood cholesterol levels as well as improve blood vessel function. Dark chocolate is another beneficial food. University of California researchers have discovered that the flavinoids in dark chocolate increase blood vessel dilation, a marker of heart health.