The Calories Burned While Working at McDonald's

It's easy to lose weight working at a fast-food restaurant.
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You might think working at a fast food restaurant like McDonald's would cause someone to put on a lot of weight. Surprisingly, due to their fast pace and the number of tasks that must be completed quickly, fast food restaurants make great places to work, exercise and lose weight.



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Fortunately, just being around calorie-rich foods such as French fries and hamburgers doesn't automatically result in weight gain. It's only when you eat more calories than you burn off that you start to pack on the pounds. At a fast-paced fast-food establishment such as McDonalds, workers have lots of opportunities to eat well and torch calories during a normal shift.

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Taking orders, delivering food, cooking, and emptying the trash are physical activities that will help to burn off calories. While the exact number of calories burned will vary depending on your weight and other factors, on average, a 155-pound person could burn more than 1,500 calories in an eight-hour shift.


Losing, gaining or simply maintaining weight is not really complicated; it's just math. Burn more than you take in, and you'll lose. For instance, you could consume two meals of less than 400 calories at McDonald's, such as an Egg McMuffin and a Premium Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich, burn off 1,600 calories in an eight-hour shift, limit the rest of your daily calories to 500 or less, and you can work at McDonald's and still lose weight. Consult your doctor for the best diet advice.




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