How Many Calories in a Slice of Deli Cheese?

Limit your serving to just one size, since deli cheese is high in calories.
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Adding a slice of deli cheese to your sandwich, burger or wrap adds more calories than you may realize. You could add as many as 100 to 115 calories to your meal, simply by adding a single 1-ounce slice of deli cheese. If you're watching your calories, always weigh your slices ahead of time, so you're not underestimating your serving size.

Calories Per Slice

Cheddar cheese tends to top the calorie scale. One 1-ounce slice contains nearly 115 calories. Opting for a 1-ounce slice of Swiss, Muenster or Monterey Jack cheese shaves off about 10 calories per slice. You'll get closer to 105 calories from a 1-ounce slice of any of these deli cheeses. Provolone is on the lower end of the range, providing slightly fewer than 100 calories per 1-ounce slice.