How Many Calories Are Burned by Painting the Walls?

You probably don't think of painting your home as exercise, but any activity that elevates your heart rate will burn calories. Painting your walls won't burn calories as quickly as traditional forms of exercise, but it can play a minor role in keeping you healthy. The next time your house needs a makeover, forgo hiring a contractor and do the work yourself.

A close-up of a man showing his wife how to roll paint.
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Adding a Splash of Color to Your Rooms

Painting the walls inside your house burns calories at the same rate as walking at 4 mph, according to Harvard Health Publications. A 155-pound person burns 167 calories performing the task for 30 minutes, while someone who weighs 185 pounds burns 200 calories in the same time. Painting your interior walls, notes Harvard, also burns calories at the same rate as applying wallpaper and performing general interior remodeling.

Giving the Exterior a New Look

When you take your brush and paint can outdoors, you'll burn calories at a slightly elevated rate compared to painting indoors. During 30 minutes of exterior painting a 155-pound person burns 186 calories and a 185-pound person burns 222 calories, according to Harvard Health Publications. This calorie burn is comparable to walking at 4.5 mph.

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