Calories in Snow Cone Syrup

Snow cones contain no fat or cholesterol, but syrup is high in sugar.
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Because a snow cone is simply a cup of flavored shaved ice, you may think that it's a dieter's delight because it is mostly ice. However, the syrupy topping is flavored sugar water, and the calories add up quickly.

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Two fluid ounces of snow cone syrup contains 70 calories with no fat and no protein, according to MyPlate. Total carbohydrate content is 19 g with 18 g of sugar per snow cone. There is no nutrition in a commercially bought snow cone.



Women should consume fewer than 100 calories per day from sugar from any source; it's 150 calories a day for most men. This is about 6 tsp. for women, 9 tsp. for men, although suggests less is better. One snow cone with 2 oz. of syrup contains 41 percent of the maximum daily amount of sugar for women and 27 percent for men.

Healthy Alternative

Make your own snow cone topping by pouring thawed, undiluted orange juice concentrate over shaved ice, suggests Another lower-calorie alternative is to sprinkle a fruit-flavored gelatin mix over your ice. For a healthy snow cone, blend low-calorie fruit or berries, such as strawberries, and use the puree as a syrup.


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