Where Is the First Place Men Lose Weight?

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In a dream world, men would be able to pick and choose where they lost weight and the order in which different body parts leaned out. In reality, there isn't much you can do to alter this. The first place you'll notice weight loss depends on your genetics. Typically, the last place you gained fat will be the first area to lean out. For example, if you had heavy legs even when you were thinner, it's unlikely that your legs will get lean before your waistline does.


Male Body Shape

Men tend to be apple-shaped, carrying more body fat around their midsections. The waistline is an area that men typically want to slim down the most, but this fat can be stubborn to get rid of due to genetic programming that encourages belly fat storage. Eat a healthy diet, watch your calorie intake, and get plenty of exercise to lose weight all over. Instead of being hyperfocused on the appearance of one part of your body, congratulate yourself for total weight loss. With focus and determination, you can eventually shed whatever unwanted fat is clinging to your body.

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