How to Lose Weight on a Cardio Glide

The Cardio Glide is a home aerobic exercise machine made by Weslo. It features an unorthodox movement not seen in most home exercise equipment that works your upper and lower body while providing a cardiovascular workout. The Cardio Glide features both a push and pull mode to offer variety and provide a more complete workout. Consult your doctor if you are planning to start a workout program on the Cardio Glide machine.

Step 1

Sit on the seat of the machine and position your feet on the pedals and hands on the bars.


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Step 2

Pull the handles toward your body or push them away, depending on which mode you have set up. Push away with your legs at the same time. Return to the start position and continue the motion at a brisk pace to elevate your heart rate.

Step 3

Perform aerobic exercise on your Cardio Glide for 30 minutes on most days to see results. Work so your heart rate is between 50 and 85 percent of its max. Figure your max heart rate by subtracting your age from 220.

Step 4

Increase the resistance on your Cardio Glide to provide a more intense workout and boost your weight loss efforts. Rotate the resistance adjustment collar located on the resistance cylinder on the frame of the machine to increase or decrease resistance.

Step 5

Modify your diet to accompany the regular exercise on your Cardio Glide. Eat more fresh produce, whole grains and lean protein. Eliminate junk foods and fast food.


Adjust the handles for the pull mode, according to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Adjust your seat for comfort by loosening the seat knob, pulling it out and sliding the seat to a new position.



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