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A bike's saddle or how you sit on it can cause pain in your testicles.

Testicular pain does not strike most men in the same way as pain in other locations. The testicles are a highly sensitive spot on the body and one that is associated with several important roles, including sexual reproduction and as a symbol of masculinity. Pain in the testicles can occur for many reasons, but frequent cycling can increase your risk and make some possible causes much more likely than others. Fortunately, pain caused by riding a bicycle can be treated and prevented on future rides.

Pain Causes

Inflammation of the scrotum or testicles can lead to pain in the location. On a bicycle, this can be caused by friction or pressure placed on the testicles and scrotum by the bicycle saddle. This often relates to an improper posture when sitting on the saddle -- proper posture uses the sit bones to absorb most of the stress and pressure of being seated while riding. Testicular torsion, which is a twisting of the testicles, and testicular trauma can be caused by more serious factors, such as a wreck or near-wreck that delivers a blow to the testicles.

Treatment and Prevention

Non-urgent care can be administered at home, according to MedlinePlus. If you are experiencing testicular pain, consider wearing an athletic supporter to provide support for your scrotum. Protective equipment can be worn while riding to prevent further injuries or irritation. You can apply ice to the scrotum to treat swelling and take warm baths if there is inflammation present. You can also take over-the-counter pain medications to help relieve testicular pain.


Pain in the testicles can be a very severe development and one needing immediate medical attention. You should visit an emergency room if you experience sudden and severe testicle pain, or pain accompanied by nausea, chills, fever or blood in your urine. MedlinePlus recommends that you visit a doctor if you experience testicle pain that lasts for a few days or longer, or if you experience a lump or swelling in or around the testicles -- this could suggest a tumor.


While it is possible that your testicular pain is solely the product of riding your bicycle, it is possible that other factors are partially or fully responsible for the pain. Riding a bicycle can exacerbate pain and make it seem like it is the root cause when in reality there are other underlying reasons your testicles are experiencing pain. If you are not able to identify the exact cause of your testicular pain, visit a doctor to have your injury examined.

Is This an Emergency?

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