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There are a number of underlying conditions associated with frequent urination. You may not notice a mild increase in the urgency or frequency of urination during your daily routine, but exercise-related factors such as exertion or a temporary metabolic boost associated with working out can exacerbate an underlying condition. In other cases, you may find that your heightened need to urinate may not be aggravated by exercise. Rather, it may occur solely after exercising, leaving you unaffected at other times.

Fluid Intake

The cause of your frequent urination may be very simple. If you consume a lot of water or sports drinks during exercise, your body will process these liquids and produce urine at a rapid rate. The metabolic boost you experience during periods of exercise hastens the need to urinate afterward, so you may find that a reduction of fluid intake is all you need to diminish the urgency with which you urinate after exercise.

Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding supplements, such as shakes and powders, may contain substances that cause frequent urination. A supplement containing juniper berries, parsley, dandelion or other diuretic substances will increase your need to urinate. If you take these supplements prior to exercising to boost your metabolism during exercise, the likely result is that you will need to urinate afterward. You may also experience an allergic reaction to the testosterone added to some bodybuilding supplements. Frequent urination is among the possible symptoms of such a reaction.

Muscles and Nerves

Lifting or twisting improperly during exercise can pull muscles in your lower body, which may then exert pressure on your bladder. This pressure can result in frequent urination or it may cause the perception that you need to urinate, even when your bladder is not full. Damage to certain nerves can also cause frequent urination. Your pudental nerve can cause back pain and frequent urination if it is damaged during exercise, but this condition may be temporary and treatable when caught early, especially if you avoid causing further damage.

Exercise-Induced Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is often associated with more frequent urination. In some cases, the increase in your heart rate during exercise causes a condition of exercise-induced hypertension. During both your exercise period and your recovery period, exercise-induced hypertension can cause you to experience the need to urinate frequently. Your doctor may be able to counteract this symptom by prescribing medicine for high blood pressure, although frequent urination can also be a side effect of some blood pressure medications.

Warning Signs

Whether the cause is a chronic condition aggravated by exercise, or it seems to be a direct result, ask your doctor to test for the cause. Frequent urination may also be a symptom of diabetes and pregnancy, or an indication that a tumor is pressing on your bladder. High blood pressure or a hormonal imbalance may also be a factor, and you can often obtain treatment to curb these conditions.

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