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Kidney Health

Herbs for Improving Kidney Function

Many herbs can improve kidney function. Most herbs do so in preventing common kidney and urinary-tract infections or by acting as ...

What Are the Functions of Cuboidal Epithelial Cells in the Kidneys?

The kidneys are essential organs responsible for blood filtration. Each kidney consists of an outer cortex rich in blood vessels a...

Herbal Remedies to Help Kidney Function

Your kidneys serve as the filters for your body, flushing waste along with excess salt and water, according to the Just for You Ho...

What Other Systems Affect the Urinary System?

The urinary system consists of the kidneys, bladder, the ureters that connect these structures; and the urethra, which carries uri...

What Does Excess Protein in the Kidney Mean?

Excess protein in the kidney is called proteinuria. This is tested in the urine and can also be called albuminuria or urine albumi...

What Foods Are Good for Kidney Function?

A balanced diet that contains plenty of nutrients is important for everyone. However, people with decreased kidney function need ...

Natural Ways to Help Kidney Function

The kidneys are vital organs that filter waste and excess fluid from the body. An individual with kidney impairment may wonder how...

How to Improve Kidney Health

The kidneys perform two vital functions for the body: regulating body fluids and excreting toxic wastes. The National Diabetes Inf...

Garlic & Kidney Flush

Your kidneys filter your blood and remove wastes and excess water from your body, notes the National Disease Information Program. ...

Is Chocolate Bad for Kidneys?

If you have advanced kidney disease, your nephrologist or renal dietitian might tell you to stay away from chocolate. This recomme...
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