How to Lose Thigh Fat Fast for Kids

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If you ever turn on the television or open a magazine, the ads you see may lead you to believe that perfect thighs are everywhere. In reality, however, even supermodels get some thigh-beautifying help from makeup artists and computer technology. Having a supermodel body type may or may not be in your genes, but strong and healthy thighs are possible for all kids who are committed to being fit. In some cases, kids who have excess thigh fat are overweight. If you believe you should lose weight, your doctor can help you set and meet a healthy weight goal.


Step 1

Eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Piling nutritious foods such as berries, brown rice and broccoli onto your plate will help satisfy your hunger without causing you to gain body fat because they are low in calories but high in stomach-filling fiber. Other ways to eat and drink fewer calories include drinking low-fat milk instead of whole-fat milk, skipping soda drinks and saving sugary treats for special occasions.

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Step 2

Participate in active hobbies. You can't lose weight in just your thighs; you need to lose fat all over to slim down in the areas you want to be slimmer. Kids need about 60 minutes of heart-pumping exercise per day to have healthy bodies, according to the Nemours Foundation. However, you can break the activity into smaller sessions, such as 20 minutes of climbing on a jungle gym, 20 minutes of playing with a jump rope and 20 minutes of dancing to your favorite music.

Step 3

Take a strength-training course. Muscle increases the amount of calories your body burns from day to day, meaning it helps you lose weight faster. Examples of classes you can take to get stronger muscles are yoga, Pilates and weight-training courses; get help from your parents in finding a class made especially for kids.

Step 4

Skate or ride your bike to school. Exercises such as riding a bike and traveling on inline skates count toward your 60 daily minutes of exercise and, while they will help you lose weight all over your body, they're especially helpful because they tone your thigh muscles.


Step 5

Perform exercises that target your thighs. Squats are one example of an exercise that focuses on making your thigh muscles stronger. Begin by standing with your feet slightly farther apart than your hips; place your hands facing in at your sides and turn your toes slightly out, recommends the American Council on Exercise. Slowly bend down like you're going to sit down on a chair behind you and stop when your thighs and rear are in about a straight line. Stand back up and repeat 11 to 14 more times.

Things You'll Need

  • Comfortable exercise clothes

  • Bicycle

  • Roller skates or inline skates

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