How to Replace Oil With Avocado in Baking

While avocados are typically consumed with savory foods, they make a great addition to desserts to replace oil and butter.

It may sound strange initially, but avocado isn't only a savory food. With its healthy unsaturated fats and creamy texture, avocado can actually replace oil or butter in many baked goods. The nation's love for avocados has extended far beyond toast, making its way into cookies, cakes, ice creams and puddings. Avocados have fewer grams of saturated fat per tablespoon than butter and olive oil, according to Skip The Pie and the USDA (respectively), presenting a healthier alternative. You can replace up to half the oil in a recipe with mashed or puréed avocado.


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Step 1

Mash the avocado well. To achieve an oil-like consistency, the avocado should be smooth as possible. You can mash by hand or use a food processor. Under-ripe avocados may be harder to smooth out, so let yours ripen for a few days after purchasing; they should feel a little mushy from the outside before you use them.

Step 2

Replace half the oil in a recipe with the mashed avocado. Replacing all the oil with avocado might make the avocado taste more noticeable in the finished product or have an adverse effect on the texture.

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Step 3

Follow all the recipe's other instructions, using the avocado-oil mix as you would with pure oil. If you have unexpected results, make a note of them for next time; for example, adjust cooking time as necessary if the baked good comes out under- or overcooked.

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Savory baked goods, such as muffins and other quick breads, are a good way to start using avocado in recipes; their flavor won't overwhelm the finished product. Avocado is also a good complement to chocolate dishes, according to the California Avocado Council.

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