Testicular Pain When Running

Wearing the right type of underware can help relieve testicular pain when running.
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Jogging is a convenient, inexpensive and effective way to get your daily exercise. If you're dealing with sore testicles after running, your workouts may be significantly hindered. Knowing the cause of your pain will allow you to find the right treatment and resume your training routine.


Testicle Pain When Running: Causes

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If you experience testicle pain when running, several factors may be to blame. Most times, a direct impact or blow to the groin area or the testes may cause severe pain. Depending on the severity of the blow, blood may begin to pool in the testes (a condition called hematocele), leading to pain and discomfort. A strain or pull of the groin muscles may cause similar symptoms.

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Employing a few simple pain relief strategies and modifying your underwear can help relieve testicle pain when running and even prevent it from happening in the first place.

The Mayo Clinic states that even a small injury to this area may trigger pain. Because of this, minor jostling or movement during your run might be the culprit.

Several other factors may cause these symptoms. As reported by the Moffitt Cancer Center, a hernia in the inguinal area may cause internal tissue (such as intestines or fat) to push through a weak spot in your abdominal muscles. This condition can lead to pain that spreads to your testicles, pain that can be triggered by exercise via the muscle activation associated with running.


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A varicocele, or an enlarged bundle of veins in the scrotum (the sack of skin containing the testes), may also be the culprit. As the Mayo Clinic reports, this condition may cause dull or severe pain during physical exertion because of the increased blood flow associated with exercise.

In rarer and more serious cases, testicular torsion may be the culprit. This emergency situation tends to come on very quickly and occurs when a testicle gets twisted inside the scrotum, with its blood supply cut off. Emergency surgery is required to save the testes, according to the University of Iowa Health Center.


Check Your Underwear

It may sound silly, but if the repetitive movements associated with jogging are the source of your sore testicles after running, you may want to examine your underwear drawer. As stated by a Piedmont Healthcare report, supportive underwear, like briefs or boxer briefs, help ensure that your testicles don't constantly swing side-to-side while you are running.


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This side-to-side movement can cause the testes to strike your leg and trigger painful symptoms, especially if you are exercising in boxer shorts. By sticking to briefs or boxer briefs, you constrain your testes' movement and avoid injury by keeping them close to your body.


In some cases, an athletic supporter might be needed to prevent the testicular pain from happening in the first place. In general, a little bit of support down low can mean the difference between an enjoyable workout and sore testicles after running. Experiment with different types of underwear and see what feels best for you.


Find Some Relief

If you're already experiencing testicle pain when running, there are several steps you can take to help relieve the soreness. According to the Mayo Clinic, over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin can be taken after exercise to help diminish the pain (if your symptoms are mild).

An ice pack may also be applied to the groin area — as long as you use towels under it — to prevent frostbite on your skin. In some cases, a folded towel can be placed under the scrotum while you are lying on your back to support and lift the painful area.


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While these measures can help with mild pain, it is important to speak to your doctor immediately if the pain is severe or sudden in its onset. Additionally, any testicle pain when running that is accompanied by nausea, fever, blood in the urine or chills should be reported to your doctor as they may indicate a more serious health concern.



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