How to Juice Beets With a Juicer or Blender

Drinking beet juice gives you a hefty dose of vitamins and nutrients.
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Beets are a good source of many vitamins and nutrients, and drinking beet juice makes getting those nutrients easy. Preparing juice from beetroot only takes a few steps.


Beet juice has an intensely earthy taste with some bitterness and a hint of sweetness. You can enhance the flavor of your beetroot juice by preparing it with other ingredients, like lemon juice or apples.

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If you're wondering how to prepare beets for juicing, the first thing you'll need to do is peel off the tough outer layer, rinse them and remove the stems. You can juice beet greens and stems if you like, but this may make your juice taste even more bitter.


There's no need to cook beets before juicing. Once your raw beets are peeled and prepped, you're ready to make your juice.

Things You'll Need

  • Juicer or high-powered blender

  • A sharp knife

  • Fine-mesh strainer (if you're using a blender)

  • 4 beets

  • Other ingredients to taste, like a lemon, some fresh ginger or an apple

How to Juice a Beet With a Juicer

Step 1: Peel and Clean Your Beets

Remove the greens and peel the tough outer layer of skin off your beets.


Before you discard those nutrient-rich stems, try steaming your beet greens or lightly sautéing them in a little olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes. You can also add beet greens to soups and stews.

Step 2: Cut Your Beets Into Small Pieces

Cut your peeled beet into four quarters. Make sure the pieces are cut thin enough to easily feed through your juicer.


Step 3: Juice Your Beets

Next, simply feed the cut-up beets through your juicer, according to manufacturers' instructions.

Step 4: Add Additional Flavorings

You may drink straight beet juice or add other fruits and vegetables — such as carrots, apples, greens such as spinach or kale, cucumber, peeled ginger and lemon — to the juicer or blender.

How to Prepare Beetroot Juice With a Blender

Step 1: Peel and Clean Your Beets

Remove the greens and peel the tough outer layer of skin off your beets.


Step 2: Chop Your Beets Into Small Pieces

To prepare beets for juicing in a blender, roughly chop your beets. This will help them break down easier.

Step 3: Add Beets to Your Blender

Add your chopped beets to the blender along with a bit of water. During this step, you can add whatever other fruits and veggies you prefer to your juice.

Step 4: Blend and Enjoy

Blend until a smooth juice forms, then strain it into a glass through a fine-mesh strainer. You can then save the pulp to incorporate into cake or muffin recipes.


Health Benefits of Juicing Beets

Beetroot and beet juice are rich in several nutrients that may have health benefits for conditions characterized by chronic inflammation, according to the Oxford University Press.

Beets are also high in dietary nitrates, which have been linked to better heart health because they help lower your blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic.

There aren't many health risks associated with beet juice — but drinking it can cause a harmless but potentially alarming reddish color in your urine or poop.


People who have an allergy to beets shouldn't drink beet juice. Those who are on a low-oxalate diet or who have kidney problems should also avoid beetroot juice because beets are high in oxalates, which can cause kidney stones in some people, according to the National Kidney Foundation.




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