How Many Calories Do You Burn Going to the Driving Range for an Hour?

Spending time at the driving range helps you refine your golf game.

While you might daydream of hitting the links for a round of golf on the weekend, visiting the driving range in the days leading up to your game helps you practice your swing. This exercise is more than just a training tool -- it's also a way to burn calories. The calories you'll burn in an hour at the driving range, however, are significantly less than you'll burn while playing the sport.


Swing Your Way to Better Health

Repeated use of exercises that burn calories moderately can lead to weight loss. Provided you're committed to improving your game through frequent visits to the driving range, this workout can help you work toward a slimmer body. The website CalorieLab notes a 150-pound person burns about 136 calories in 60 minutes at the driving range. A 200-pound person burns about 182 calories during an hour of the same activity.


Video of the Day

Once you move from the driving range to the tee box to start your golf game, you'll increase the rate at which you burn calories while improving your endurance and strength. A 150-pound person burns 170 calories per hour while golfing with a power cart and 238 calories per hour of walking the course while carrying her clubs. A person who weighs 200 pounds burns 228 and 319 calories, respectively, during the same two activities.



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