Why Do We Burp After Drinking Soda?

Burping or belching is your body's mechanism for releasing excess gas in its digestive system. When you swallow, the food and drinks you consume are not the only thing you take in. You also swallow small amounts of air, including nitrogen and oxygen. Some drinks, such as soda, also contain carbon dioxide. Others may generate gases when they break down during digestion.

The Bubbles in Soda

Soda is a carbonated beverage. Its bubbles are actually tiny amounts of carbon dioxide that has been infused with the water during the production process. The carbon dioxide collects in your stomach as you drink. The more soda you drink, the more carbon dioxide bubbles enter your digestive system. When sufficient amounts of this gas have collected, your body must expel the gas. Burping is one way your body has of relieving this gas.


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Larger Air bubbles

If you drink soda especially quickly, you may increase the amount of air you take in while swallowing. Whenever you eat or drink too fast, you create an opportunity to swallow pockets of surrounding air with your food or beverage. Swallowing a sufficiently large air bubble with your soda can lead to discomfort within your esophagus. The pressure you feel within your chest or abdomen is due to this swallowed air. Drinking through a straw may also increase the size and number of air bubbles you swallow, leading to more gas expulsion after drinking soda.


Eating or drinking too much can also lead to gas. When the stomach is full, or overfilled, it makes room by expelling gas. When you eat too much of certain foods, such as dairy, broccoli or baked beans, you can experience stronger gas, according to the website for Gastroenterology Associates. If you fill up on soda, a large buildup of carbon dioxide is inevitable. As your stomach processes the liquids within, you experience long and intense periods of gas. In addition to burping, this may result in mild to severe intestinal discomfort and flatulence.


How to Reduce Burping

Avoiding soda and other carbonated beverages is an effective way to reduce or eliminate burping, but you may enjoy soda too much to do so. If you are going to drink soda, drink it slowly and do not use a straw. You can also cut down on other factors that encourage you to swallow air. These include chewing gum and eating hard candy, which cause you to swallow more often, as well as smoking. If you wear dentures, make sure they fit well. Heartburn can also cause you to swallow more frequently. Addressing any of these factors can reduce the amount of air you swallow and, consequently, the amount you expel.




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