Should Dextrose Be Taken Before and After a Workout?

Dexxtrose is simply another name for glucose, a primary source of energy for your body. While the research is preliminary, taking dextrose both before and after you work out may be beneficial. Consuming sugar right before a workout can have a negative effect on your energy levels, however. A doctor or dietitian can help you design a diet plan that supports your workouts.

Evidence for Dextrose

A 2006 double-blind study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine investigated the effects of ribose versus dextrose on athletic performance in a group of female rowers. The participants received a dose of dextrose or ribose mixed with water before and after their workout. After eight weeks, the researchers found that the rowers supplemented with dextrose performed better than those supplemented with ribose. While this study seems to indicate that dextrose taken before and after a workout improves performance, more research is necessary to know for sure.


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Timing Matters

The Colorado State University Extension reports that taking sugar, such as dextrose, right before a workout may impair performance by causing dehydration or low blood sugar due to the effects it has on insulin. Taking your dextrose two hours before your workout may help prevent ill effects.

To get the post-workout benefits from your dextrose, consume it within 30 minutes of completing your workout to replenish energy stores. Combine it with a source of protein, such as string cheese or rolled turkey meat, for muscle building and repair.




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