How to Ground Oats

A bowl of raw oats.
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Oats are sneakier than they look. Not only can you use them in cereals, cookies and breads, but you can hide them in soups and smoothies. Grinding the oats into flour lets you substitute the oats for part of the wheat flour in a recipe; or, if you have oats that are marked as free from gluten contamination, use the flour instead of wheat flours in recipes. Grinding the oats takes only a minute or two.


Step 1

Measure out the uncooked oats and place them in the bowl of the blender or processor. Don't do too much at once; try about 1/4 to 1/2 cup per batch.

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Step 2

Cover the blender or processor. This is a simple step that is all too simple to forget.

Step 3

Blend or process the oats in short bursts until the flour reaches the consistency you want. The blender or processor should have a button for grinding food; if not, experiment with the other settings to see which works for you.


You can also use a food mill instead of a blender or food processor. These come in electric and hand-cranked versions, and usually require you to put the oats in a container at the top. The oats fall into the grinding mechanism and out into a bowl as flour.

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