How to Reduce Bloating During Bodybuilding

Bloating can take away from muscle definition.
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Bodybuilding requires the right mix of diet and exercise to develop a lean, conditioned, symmetrical body. Preparing for a bodybuilding competition takes hard work and dedication to present your leanest physique on stage. Bloating can make you appear less defined and take away from the shape of your body. Make adjustments to your nutrition plan to help keep bloating at bay.


Step 1

Eliminate dairy from your diet to decrease bloating caused by the sugars in milk. Drink almond or rice milk instead of milk that contains lactose. Avoid protein shakes that contain powdered milk and switch to shakes without lactose.

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Step 2

Watch your carbohydrate intake to reduce bloating caused by refined sugars and sodium contained in foods made with white flour, such as white breads or desserts. Consume slow-digesting, high-fiber complex carbohydrates that fill you up quickly with fewer calories, such as whole grain or sprouted breads, brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal or quinoa.

Step 3

Drink one gallon of water per day to eliminate bloating caused by water retention. Keep a gallon water jug at your desk and sip on cups of water during the day to stay hydrated.

Step 4

Cut artificial sweeteners from your diet that may trigger bloating in the midsection. Avoid foods that contain calorie-free sweeteners such as calorie-free beverages, diet sodas, gum and mints.


Step 5

Increase the amount of cardiovascular activity you perform each week to lose excess water weight by sweating. Use a variety of low-impact cardio choices to protect your joints, such as riding the recumbent bike, walking on the treadmill, stepping on the stair mill and gliding on the elliptical machine. Perform one hour of cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast.

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