Health Dangers Associated With Relacore Diet Pills

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Relacore is a diet pill that claims to help users lose belly fat by blocking "diet-related stress and anxiety," according to the Relacore website. Spot-reduction of fat on one part of the body is not possible. Only a calorie deficit can lead to overall weight loss, including from the belly. Many users have reported side effects from taking Relacore, including weight gain and fluctuating blood pressure. Always consult a physician before you begin taking dietary supplements for weight loss or stress.


How Relacore Claims to Work

The manufacturers of Relacore claim that it works by blocking diet-related stress that may cause a dieter to retain belly fat. The manufacturers are not specific about how Relacore blocks stress or what specifically the pill does in the body, nor does the company website name the ingredients of the pill, calling them "groundbreaking compounds." Although the Relacore website states that this pill is only an "add-on" to traditional diet and exercise rather than a diet pill, it claims to help dieters lose their stubborn belly fat.


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Problems with Relacore's Claims

The stress hormone that Relacore claims to block is cortisol. Prior to 2004, Relacore made specific claims to block cortisol and reduce belly fat as well as to treat "stress-related abdominal obesity" and "sub-clinical depression." In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a warning to the manufacturers of Relacore asking them to cease and desist making these claims. Since that time, Relacore advertisements have become less overt in their claims, such as claiming to directly help users to lose weight. Additionally, there is no evidence that blocking cortisol leads to weight loss.


Ingredients in Relacore

You should examine the list of ingredients before you consider taking any dietary supplement. Relacore's main ingredients include magnolia bark, passion flower, panax ginseng, and other herbal ingredients. Although the manufacturers of Relacore claim that the ingredients are all natural, it is impossible for the average layperson to determine whether these ingredients are appropriate for his health. You should not causally ingest medicinal herbs, because many of them can have toxic effects for people with specific conditions.


Side-Effects Associated with Relacore

Many side effects have been reported with Relacore. One common side effect is weight gain. The weight gain may not be directly attributable to Relacore, but rather to the dieter's over-reliance to Relacore instead of diet and exercise. Other side effects include nausea, fluctuating blood pressure, insomnia, drowsiness, dizziness, irregular menstrual cycles, migraines and acne. Many of these side effects are attributable to sensitivity to the main ingredients in Relacore. Consult a physician before you begin taking Relacore or any other diet supplement.




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