The 7-Day Vegetable Diet

The 7-day Vegetable Diet includes a strict list of allowed foods.

The 7-day Vegetable Diet, also known as the 7-day Diet, is a low-calorie fad diet that requires eating very specific food items on each of the seven days of the diet. It is promoted on as a healthy weight loss plan that also helps to detoxify the body, allegedly improving its overall function. EveryDiet does not recommend the 7-day Diet as it is not well-balanced and cannot be considered a healthy weight loss plan.


Days 1 and 2

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Day 1 of the 7-day Vegetable Diet features all the fruit the dieter cares to eat, with the exception of bananas. claims that because fruit is natural, it will help "normalize the body and prepare it for the upcoming days of the diet," helping to flush out and cleanse the digestive tract. Day 2 allows for as many vegetables one can eat, recommending that the first meal of the day be a potato, either baked or broiled, for energy. allows for no more than 1 tsp. of olive oil during the day to season the vegetables. On both Days 1 and 2, a vegetable soup called "Wonder Soup" is allowed throughout the day in addition to allowed food choices. "Wonder Soup" is made from water, onions, green peppers, whole tomatoes, cabbage and celery, boiled together for 45 minutes.

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Day 3

The third day of the 7-day Diet combines Days 1 and 2, allowing the dieter to eat as many fruits and vegetables as he wants, avoiding bananas and potatoes. recommends beginning the day with fruit and having vegetables for lunch and dinner, possibly a salad or stir fry. "Wonder Soup" can also be consumed throughout the day.

Days 4 and 5

The food choices on Days 4 and 5 require combining food not allowed on the first days of the diet. On Day 4, dieters are advised to eat up to eight bananas and three glasses of skim milk, supposedly to replace the calcium and potassium missing on the first few days. Day 5 calls for protein and tomatoes, to replace the missing protein during days one through four while allegedly allowing for system "flushing" with the tomatoes. Fish, chicken, beef or tofu can be eaten as the protein source, with six to eight tomatoes consumed, as well. The "Wonder Soup" is allowed at any time throughout the day.


Days 6 and 7

Day 6 functions the same as Day 5, except with any vegetables instead of just tomatoes. On Day 7, fruits, vegetables and juices are recommended to be consumed in a wide variety, along with 1/2 cup of brown rice. "Wonder Soup" is again available to eat, if desired, during the last two days of the 7-day Diet.


Although the 7-day Diet allows dieters to eat all the food they would like on various days of the diet, many of the food items recommended are high in fiber, adding to a feeling of fullness and likely preventing a level of consumption that would provide adequate daily caloric intake. In addition, a diet that features a wide variety of foods each day is optimal for good health, as different foods contain varying amounts of all different essential nutrients. states that this diet can be followed once a month; however, due to the low caloric intake and imbalanced food choices, it could lead to malnutrition and poor health.



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