How to Flatten the Lower Pannus

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The lower pannus is a part of your lower abdomen commonly called a "fanny pack" or "apron." Following significant, rapid weight loss, this area of skin can hang down, becoming unsightly. Most common after pregnancy or bariatric surgery weight loss, many people opt for surgical removal of excess skin. Surgery is not always the only option you have to flattening your pannus and creating a svelte abdomen.


Step 1

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins to help build lean muscle mass and restore your skin's elasticity. Loose skin needs to be nourished to regain its former shape. Antioxidants and protein are the ideal way to help your skin, while building lean muscle, which can help burn excess fat and keep it off.

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Step 2

Tone your tummy through exercise. Targeting your abdominal muscles will help flatten your pannus by increasing muscle mass. Exercises such as lower abdominal crunches and reverse sit-ups help work these muscles.

Step 3

Perform aerobic exercise for 30 minutes per day at least three days a week. Although toning your pannus helps, you must burn fat throughout your body to avoid further stretching of the skin. Walking, jogging and dancing increase your heart rate, thus speeding up your metabolic rate.

Step 4

Count the calories you consume each day by keeping a food log. This will help you determine if you are following proper nutritional goals for weight loss. Your height, weight and age determine how many calories you must take in per day to lose at least one pound a week. By cutting out 500 calories from your recommended daily intake, you can lose weight slowly, while giving your skin adequate time to return to its former shape. Losing weight too fast will only cause your pannus to hang and worsen.


Throw out fad dieting ideas that promise fast results. These diets may cause you to lose more muscle mass. Fad diets can also be dangerous to your health and may only worsen loose abdominal skin.

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