How to Avoid Bloating and Abdominal Pain After Drinking Wine

Alcohol promotes fat storage, which can cause stomach bloating or bulging.

Very few of the calories from alcohol are converted into fat, but that doesn't mean they don't cause you to put on weight and feel bloated. Wine contains yeast, which is a common cause of bloating. The simple way to avoid bloating and related stomach pain is to avoid alcohol altogether. Failing that, moderation is key.


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Try filtered wines. Your gut naturally contains yeasts, but in high quantities, they can cause bloating and discomfort, says Ian Marber of the "Daily Mail." Wine is high in sugar, which essentially feeds the yeast in your gut, allowing it to flourish. Similarly, all wines are created through the process of fermentation, which means yeast is a necessary ingredient. However, sterile filtered wines might contain fewer yeast cells. Most commercial white wines will have gone through this process, but a lot of high-end red wines are unfiltered. Homemade wines will have the highest yeast content.


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Step 2

Reduce your alcohol intake. If you're trying to lose weight and/or avoid bloating, alcohol is one of your worst enemies. While alcohol doesn't necessarily turn into fat, it does reduce your body's ability to burn fat and causes it to produce more. According to fitness expert Jason Yun, from "ShapeFit" magazine, your body can only process up to an ounce of alcohol every hour. The good news is that wine – especially red wine – will make you put on less weight than beer or spirits. Nonetheless, moderation is key, and Yun suggests limiting your intake to a maximum of two glasses of alcohol, one or two days a week.


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Drink water. Wine, like all alcohol, frustrates the functioning of your liver and, in large quantities, inflames your stomach lining. Over a prolonged period of time, this can cause gastritis. The symptoms of this condition include stomach pain and a full or bloated feeling in your abdomen. Drinking water between glasses of alcohol not only slows down your intake, but it also flushes out your insides and can help reduce the effects of the alcohol you do drink.




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