The Effect of Soft Drinks on Adderall

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Adderall is a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. Adderall stimulates chemicals and nerves in the brain to help control symptoms such as difficulty focusing and controlling impulses. Adderall should only be taken under the advice of a physician. You should also be wary of combining Adderall with certain drinks.


Use of Adderall

You may rely on Adderall to help you focus or prevent extreme sleepiness. If you consume a product that heightens or diminishes Adderall's effectiveness, it could negatively affect your ability to function. If you are illegally using Adderall without a prescription, you should be aware of the potential dangers of adding caffeine to the stimulant.

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Caffeine and Adderall

High doses of caffeine, as found in some soft drinks, can accentuate the stimulant effects of Adderall. Adderall and caffeine are both stimulants. When used as an illegal study aid or weight loss drug, Adderall can cause jitters, headaches, stomach problems and psychosis -- caffeine can heighten these effects. Even if you have been prescribed Adderall to treat a disorder, avoid high doses of caffeine, notes the website.


Effects of Acidic Drinks

Acidic drinks can cause decreased absorption of Adderall. All types of soda and soft drinks that include phosphoric acid are highly acidic. A high intake of acidic drinks can also cause your urine to become acidic, which causes your body to eliminate Adderall from your system quickly -- curbing the length of time of its effects on your system. Other acidic drinks include orange juice, grapefruit juice, some fruit juice blends and lemonade.

Considerations and Warnings

You can still drink soft drinks on occasion, just avoid them around the time you take your medication. If you have other concerns about the potential interaction between soft drinks and Adderall, discuss them with your physician. If your child takes Adderall, explain to him the potential effects of consuming soft drinks with the medication.




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