Best Way to Lose Weight in Your Neck

To lose neck fat begin an overall weight-loss program.
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If a slender neck is on your wish list, a total weight-loss program may help you achieve it. However, don't expect to target your neck for isolated fat loss -- you can't tell your body where to remove fat, and neck exercises will only affect the muscles. You also can't change your body's proportions, so you may have to get used to a sturdy neck no matter how much weight you lose.


Take Control of Your Diet

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Reduce calorie consumption.
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The fastest way to shrink your body is to reduce calorie consumption; as you burn more calories for energy than you consume through food, your body will burn stored fat to fuel its activities. To cut calories without having to count each bite, switch to filling foods that are low in calories, such as beans, whole-grain pasta, fish, oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat from a smaller plate to ensure reasonable portion sizes, and avoid fried and fast foods as well as those with added sugars.


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Burn More Calories

Increase activity.
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As you reduce your caloric intake, also increase calorie burning to melt the fat faster. Aerobic exercise burns a lot of calories; spend 30 to 60 minutes, five days a week hiking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing or using the elliptical machine. The more vigorous the activity, the faster you'll burn calories; however, beginners should start at a slow pace and then gradually build intensity. For example, you might start with simple walking, and then add short bursts of moderate jogging to your routine to increase the burning effect.


Safely Tone Your Neck

Look up and practice a closed mouth chew.
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Muscle-toning exercises for your neck will add definition, and could make the area appear firmer. This is a very delicate area, so unless you're guided by a fitness expert, avoid risky moves like neck bridges and opt for gentler exercises instead. In an interview with "Fox News Magazine," Lisa Feldermann of Blink Fitness recommends standing straight, looking toward the ceiling and performing a closed-mouth chew for 30 seconds per repetition. She also recommends lying on your bed with your head dangling from the edge, slowly lifting your head until your neck is level with your torso, and holding for 10 seconds per rep. Feldermann recommends two reps for each exercise.


Strengthen Your Body

Strengthen your body.
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The toning exercises shouldn't stop with your neck; by building muscle throughout your body, you'll boost your metabolism for increased calorie burning at all times. Weighted exercises or calisthenic activities such as pushups, squats and crunches are all effective. Most importantly, choose exercises to work all of your major muscle groups, including upper and lower legs, glutes, abs, back, chest, shoulders and arms. Do these at least twice weekly for each muscle group.




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