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13 Exercises That Will Make You Love the Treadmill Even MORE

author image Holly Roser
Holly Roser is a certified personal trainer and fitness expert in New York City and San Francisco. Holly is regularly featured on top broadcasts and publications including Self Magazine, Prevention,Men's Fitness magazine,, Dr. Oz, Shape, and Women's Health Magazine. In 2014, Holly created Girl Fit, a non-profit for high school students in Los Angeles, CA, focusing on motivating low-income teens to live healthy lives.

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13 Exercises That Will Make You Love the Treadmill Even MORE
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

Feeling trapped on the treadmill doing the same routine every day? Or maybe your treadmill is just collecting dust. Have no fear! You won’t have to agonize in boredom for another hour on the treadmill. Amp up your tread sessions with this circuit! You’ll use every muscle group, and it can be done in between sprints, in the middle of your run or on it’s own. You’ll feel energized and finally beat the treadmill blues. Get ready to have some fun while toning and strengthening your entire body!

1. Machine-Off Treadmill Sprints
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

1 Machine-Off Treadmill Sprints

This move will push the limits of your quads and glutes, strengthening your legs while also increasing your running speed. This is a tough move, but you can do it! HOW TO DO IT: Start with your treadmill off. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the front handles, lean forward and push the belt with your feet, running as fast as you can as if you were sprinting on a track. Make sure the force you’re generating is speeding up the treadmill. Staying on your toes, sprint for 10 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat for seven sets.

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2. Incline Lunges
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

2 Incline Lunges

Lunges are great for toning your legs. And if you don’t have the space for walking lunges, use your treadmill. For safety, make sure you hold on to the railing and keep the safety tie clipped to your clothes. HOW TO DO IT: Start out with your treadmill at a 7 percent incline going 1.1 mph and adjust according to your fitness level. Lean forward, push off your front heel and alternate legs as you continue lunging while the belt moves. Both feet should be pointing straight ahead with your core tight and shoulders relaxed. Repeat for three sets of 45 seconds.

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3. Push-Up Walks
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

3 Push-Up Walks

Let’s get those arms burning! Push-up walks are a quick way to chisel your shoulders, arms and chest. HOW TO DO IT: Start with your treadmill set to 1 mph (or what you feel comfortable with). In a push-up position with your hands on the belt and feet on the ground, walk your hands forward. Keep your core engaged, ensuring that your hips stay still and only your hands are moving. Keep your eyes on the moving belt; after 45 seconds, place your hands on each side of the treadmill to safely hop off. Repeat for three sets of 45 seconds.

4. Treadmill Triceps Dips
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

4 Treadmill Triceps Dips

No need to leave the treadmill to get those arms toned! Now that you’ve worked your chest and arms, let’s target the back of your arms with triceps dips. HOW TO DO IT: On the back edge of the treadmill, start with your hands close to your hips and your hips close to the treadmill. Point your fingers toward your feet. With your shoulders back and neck neutral, dip your lower body down so your elbows are in line with your wrists. Keep your core engaged and repeat for three sets of 15 reps.

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5. Backward Jog
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

5 Backward Jog

Now it’s time to work those hamstrings! You’re going to slowly jog backward on the treadmill, but you must attach the safety strap. HOW TO DO IT: Set the treadmill at a speed you’re comfortable with. Start with 1.5 mph and work up from there. Staying on your toes, engage your glutes and keep your hands on each side of the rails. You should feel your calves burning. To make this more challenging, you can set the incline at 2 percent and jog faster. Repeat for three sets of 60-second rounds.

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6. Side Gallops
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

6 Side Gallops

The muscles on the sides of your legs are very important to strengthen; they not only help prevent injury, but also factor into increasing your running speed. HOW TO DO IT: Facing one side of the treadmill with one hand on the bar in front and one hand on the rails, start galloping to the side. Your feet should be hip-width apart. As you gallop, your feet meet in midair. Land with your feet apart. Start your speed at 2.5 mph and adjust to a level that challenges you. Rotate to the other side after one minute. Start with three sets of one minute per side for best results.

7. Toe Taps
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

7 Toe Taps

This move will help your agility as well as generate power in your legs. Plus, your heart rate and calorie burn will skyrocket! HOW TO DO IT: Standing on the ground facing the bottom edge of the treadmill, jump and tap a foot on the edge and switch feet. Keep your core strong and move your arms side to side for balance. Focus on landing on the balls of your feet, learning slightly forward. Keep jumping for three sets of 20 reps.

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8. High Knees
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

8 High Knees

Time to turn up the burn! HOW TO DO IT: Run on the treadmill, driving your knees up as high as possible. Think of bringing your knees up to your waist level. Landing on your toes, drive through your quads to lift your legs up. Set your speed to 3.4 mph or higher and your incline to 8 percent, and focus on good form while maintaining speed. Start with three sets of 30 seconds.

9. Stability Lunges
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

9 Stability Lunges

Since lunges are so great for your quads and core, it’s time for another set — this time with a slight variation. HOW TO DO IT: Starting with your back foot on the treadmill, your front foot off the treadmill and your hands on your hips, lunge down, making sure your front knee doesn’t go over your front toe. Push through the heel of your front foot to stand up. Repeat for three sets of 15 reps on each leg.

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10. Plank Toe Walks
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

10 Plank Toe Walks

Plank toe walks are perfect to challenge your entire body, and you’ll impress everyone at the gym doing them. HOW TO DO IT: Add 0.5 to 1 mph to the treadmill speed and keep the incline at 1 percent. Begin with your body in a push-up position with your feet on the treadmill and your hands on the ground. Keep your hands in line with your shoulders, your back flat and your core tight. Try to keep your legs straight, staying on your toes and not moving your hips. Move your feet one inch at a time so just the tips of your feet are walking forward. Perform for three sets of 30 seconds each.

11. Incline and Decline Push-Ups
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

11 Incline and Decline Push-Ups

Rock your chest muscles and core with either incline or decline push-ups. Incline push-ups will be easier; decline push-ups are more challenging. If you’d like to make them even tougher, lift one leg off the ground to perform single-leg push-ups. HOW TO DO IT: In that same push-up position you were just in, turn the treadmill off and do three sets of 15 push-ups. For incline push-ups, put your hands on the treadmill and feet on the floor. For decline push-ups, do the opposite. No matter which you choose, keep your core tight and body in a straight line from head to toe.

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12. Side Squats
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

12 Side Squats

HOW TO DO IT: Starting with the treadmill at 0.5 mph or higher, get into the perfect squat. Face the side rail of the treadmill with your feet hip-width apart, shoulders back and neck in a neutral position. Ensuring that your glutes are engaged, step to the left (toward the top of the treadmill) with your left foot, keeping your foot facing the side of the treadmill. Hold on to the side rail and attach the treadmill safety clip to your clothing. Switch sides, repeating for three sets of 45 seconds.

13. Hamstring Stretch
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

13 Hamstring Stretch

Hop off the treadmill and cool down your body after your workout. HOW TO DO IT: Place your heel on one of the side rails on the treadmill (if that height is too challenging, place your foot on the end of the treadmill). Without locking your knees, keep your leg straight and reach down to your toe. Pay attention to your breathing, making certain that you’re inhaling deeply and exhaling completely. Perform two sets of 30 seconds per leg.

What Do YOU Think?
Photo Credit: Gina Risso/LIVESTRONG.COM

What Do YOU Think?

What are some of your favorite treadmill exercises? Do you currently incorporate these moves into your routine? Did any of them inspire ideas for your next workout? Share your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below!

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