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Health Effects of Gold Coffee Filters

Made of gold-plated mesh, gold coffee filters are semipermanent filtration devices used in brewing coffee. Often included as stand...

Tannins and Acids in Coffee

Roasted coffee contains three essential groups of acids: aliphatic acid, chlorogenic acid and phenolic and alicyclic acids. Coffee...

Does Coffee Increase Adrenaline?

Coffee is used by many people as a boost in the morning. But every upper comes with its crash, and coffee is no different. In fact...

Side Effects of Drinking Caffeine Late at Night

Caffeine serves a variety of functions and is found naturally in beverages, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, as well as an addit...

Can a Type 2 Diabetic Drink Coffee?

If you have Type 2 diabetes, your primary focus is to avoid sugary foods and beverages so you can control your blood sugar. Regula...

Cappuccino Nutrition Information

Originating in Italy, a traditional cappuccino is a combination of espresso (a type of concentrated coffee), milk and in some case...

Calories in Biscotti

Biscotti, crisp Italian cookies, come in a variety of flavors. The cookie has a crescent shape and goes well with coffee or tea. B...

Mocha Coffee Calories

Mocha coffee is a delicious alternative to regular coffee, but many flavored coffees are packed with sugar and calories, especiall...

Caffeine & Calories in a 12 Ounce Coffee With Sugar & Cream

Coffee is a favorite pick-me-up for many people. However, if you are diabetic or watching your weight, it’s important to kno...

Coffee Allergy & Rash

A coffee allergy is not considered a common food allergy, but some people experience symptoms of a food allergy after consuming co...
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