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Dried Fruit

The Nutritional Value and Glycemic Index of Dried Fruit

If you're struggling to meet your daily fruit needs, consider including more dried fruit in your diet. A 1/2-cup serving of dried ...

List of Fruits With Their Nutritional Value

Fruits contain fiber, phytochemicals and a variety of minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamins A, C, E and K, according to the...

Nutritional Value of Dried Vegetable Powder

The new U.S. Department of Agriculture's MyPlate guide to eating recommends you fill one-quarter to one-half of your plate wit...

Is No-Sugar-Added Dried Fruit Good for You?

If you avoid eating dried fruit with added sugar, you're making a smart choice because you'll avoid the excess calories fr...

What Dried Fruits Are Good for Constipation?

Eating both fresh and dried fruits can help promote regular bowel movements. However, since dried fruits typically contain more fi...

How to Flavor Cakes

Most cakes start with the same basic ingredients, but flavorings set each recipe apart. Cake gets its flavor from different ingred...

Allergic Reactions to Dried Fruit

If you have an allergic reaction after eating dried fruit, it is most likely caused by mold or sulfites. Mold is present in many d...

Is Dried Fruit As Nutritious As Fresh Fruit?

Dried fruits, including raisins, prunes and dried berries, are an extremely popular component of a high-antioxidant, plant-based d...

The Best Organic Dried Fruits to Buy

Dried fruit can be a healthy addition to your diet, good for providing vitamins, minerals and fiber without adding a lot of calori...

Nutrition of Freeze Dried Okra

Okra is a vegetable that grows best in warm climates. Okra pods are eaten cooked, often boiled or fried. The insides of okra pods ...
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