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Kids Behavior

What Are the Causes of Children Chewing on Cribs?

Children chewing on their fists, their toys and their furniture is relatively normal, and most children go through it at some poin...

Child Urination Problems

Urinary problems are fairly common among young children. While children are potty training and learning personal hygiene there are...

How to Diagnose Common Behavioral Problems in Children

Most children misbehave from time to time, but a pattern of serious and ongoing defiance or tantrums may indicate a behavioral dis...

Causes of a Child Exhibiting Abnormal Behavior

Children exhibit a wide range of behaviors. Each has a different temperament and responds differently to his environment. One chil...

How to Tell If a Child Is Lying

Children may tell lies for any number of reasons, depending on their age. Young children with active imaginations may tell lies be...

Tangible and Intangible Rewards for Good Behavior in Children

Children often need external incentives to give them the necessary motivation to succeed. As you strive to help your child adopt g...

How to Handle Hyperactive Kids

Hyperactivity can sometimes be downplayed as just “kids being kids,” but attention deficit hyperactivity disorder̵...

Nervous Tics & Blinking in Children

When your child blinks excessively for no apparent reason, she may be experiencing a nervous tic. If you find your child is displa...

Behavioral Problems in Preschool Children

Some misbehavior is a normal part of childhood development. Often, children test rules and boundaries by misbehaving in order to d...

Behavioral Problems in Children Born Prematurely

Babies born prematurely, usually before 36 weeks of pregnancy, do not have enough time to fully develop either their bodies or the...
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